I’m Moving!

To a new url ūüôā

Yup! All of my out of state friends’ hearts just skipped a beat. Still in the sweet sunshine state friends. But you can find me blogging at a new location: alyssagill.org Sorry for the change- but it’s prettier and just a little bit better for what I’m needing! Since google reader has ceased to exist, I’ve been using bloglovin. It is so wonderful- so feel free to follow me via bloglovin!

Thanks for making the move with me sweet friends!!





I am obsessed with them. It’s a little like this. I love them in every form. Guacamole, on a sandwich, in my eggs, scooping out the fruit from its skin. There’s nothing an avocado can do that is wrong in my eyes. It’s true love for AG and the Avocados. So anytime I see something on pinterest that involves avocados I repin it. Yeaaaaaa- sorry if you follow me. As I’m typing this I’m thinking how I should probably create a board JUST for avocados. Cause I’m really not doing them justice.

Lately, I’ve been making this¬†guac recipe¬†and it is DELISH.

But a few weeks ago Kels and I decided to make this recipe for¬†BLT Stuffed Avocado. Friends, this is as heavenly as it sounds. MAKE THIS NOW. and you won’t be sad!

The ingredients y’all.

Shredded Chicken [we used from a can cause we were hungry/too lazy to cook some right then]
Grape tomatoes
Cheese [We went with the mexican blend]
Lemon Juice
Mayonnaise [neither of us love mayo, but we went with it- it was good, but next time we will use less]

BLT avocados

De skin your avocados. And then scoop out some inside goodies to make room for your BLT concoction. Then eat the avocado you just scooped out.  Wait, What?
We heated up the chicken, diced the tomatoes and spinach mixed it all together and added the corn, cheese, bacon, lemon juice. I would add JUST enough mayo to help blend everything together. Then add salt & pepper to taste. I NEVER use recipes so folks I just added amounts that looked good. Then scoop your chicken salad goodness into your avocado and you can die a happy person.
We then sipped on blue moons with blueberries, oranges, and a shot of vodka! It was the perfect summertime dish.¬†(I cannot remember where I originally saw this drink idea. I also don’t have a great picture¬†because¬†I was so obsessed with wanting to eat the avocados!)


I was going to ask you all when the last time you created a pie chart? Then I wondered who actually created a pie chart? You know, it must have been so easy to be an “inventor” during the first thousands of years. Hmmm, I’m thirsty I want a drink. Oh, but what to put it in?? Maybe a cup? WHAM. I invented a cup! OK- I just googled “who invented the cup?” Apparently everyone. Cause duh- it’s a cup. So that wasn’t the best example. But let’s pretend you get where I was going… Pie Charts! Thought to be first created in 1801. But not regularly used until around 1858. Apparently the trend of showing trends in the shape of a dessert took a while to really catch on.

Either way- these are some really funny pie charts. I, coincidentally, found most of them to reign true in my life. Or at least make me laugh a lot.

This is SO TRUE. PTL for iOS5,000 having a automatically app update feature.

¬†Pretty much happens every night. I start counting down the hours until I have to wake up. Also, why do the hours of 10 pm – 1 am seem to be like a black hole vortex? I swear it 10:00 pm and I’m thinking- huh, maybe I’ll go to sleep early tonight. Then it’s 2:00 am and I’m in the middle of a project or just watching tv. Ridiculous.

My guy friends allude to this ALL THE TIME. They think we are crazy for needing so many bottles of shampoo.

¬†This doesn’t apply to me as much- but I know a few of my friends who rely on this 100%.

All these pie charts are making me hungry. For pie. Or ice cream. YUM.  It also has me thinking about this:

That’s all for now friends. A little laughter to finish up the weekend! Pray I go to sleep BEFORE 2 am because I’ve been running BEFORE work every (other) day {death} and I need more than 4 hours to trick convince myself that is a good idea. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every “trick” there is to running. Moral of the story. It sucks. There’s never a reason I will enjoy running. Luckily, I’m good at guilting myself into going in the morning. So mehr. Enjoy your sleep suckers.


10 Things I Suck At.

We aren’t very good at admitting we are bad at things. It’s all about being the best, looking the best, knowing the most- yadda yadda. I like being good at things. I am also more inclined to participate (especially in a group setting) if I know I’m good at whatever we are doing. So that means, without even trying, I sometimes hide the things I suck at. But we should not be ashamed of these things. So today, I’m embracing the things that are not my speciality. ENJOY!


Super cute dress from Madewell

1. I can’t whistle. I have tried people. To the point of passing out because I’ve exhaled so much air. A lot of people have tried to teach me. I’ve heard all the techniques, tried all the different approaches. It’s just not going to happen people. I was not made for whistling.

2. I suck at identifying the make/model of cars. All my friends know this about me. I’m trying to learn/pay more attention. But I honestly do not care. I classifying all cars into two categories. Cars and Trucks. I drive a grey car. You drive a white truck. That’s all you’re getting. SOMETIMES- I’ll throw in a SUV for kicks- but usually they fall into the truck category.

3. I’m not great at spelling. I work REALLY hard to make sure I spell things correctly. Hence the reason there are ALWAYS mistakes in my blog posts. I’m my own editor- so yeah. . . sorry about that! PTL for spell check. I am a bit of a grammar guru- but the spelling gets me!

4. My swim strokes consist of the doggie paddle and the frogger. I took swim lessons growing up but I never really had to swim correctly. So my go to stroke- the frogger. I feel okay with this situation since in my twenty-six years of life it has never been a problem. Also- I raced a six-year old the other day and my doggie paddle beat her freestyle. So I still got it ūüėČ

5. I forget to brush my hair often. I can’t see it/don’t look at the back. So sometimes when I’m thinking about the last time I’ve brushed my hair- I realize it’s been a day (or three) This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s also not pretty. My sister has called me to tell me that she just saw a picture I posted on instagram and she can tell I haven’t brushed my hair in a while. She keeps me beautiful.

Metallic Sperry's

sperry’s from Jcrew

6. I can’t sing. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could. However, I’m pretty sure Jesus knew that if I had a good singing voice I would be super cocky. Or something just as terrible and so he made me a better person/friend by giving me the voice of a croaky frog. Thanks JC- you’re the BEST. (you really are.)

7. Twitter. I can be really good at twitter. But then I got exhausted by it. So now I am a less frequent checker of twitter. So I guess I don’t suck at it. But for someone who works in a field where people are all over that twitter realm. I took a break, and I haven’t jumped back on the twitter train. Subsequently, I’m all over that instagram. And I’d post way more pics if I didn’t think it would annoy y’all.

8. Exclamation marks. I don’t suck at exclamation marks, but i do overuse them. So I suck at using them correctly. Overuse to the point where they become inefficient. In ninth grade I wrote a report about AIDS and the effects of living with HIV. My teacher decided to read my report out loud to the class purposefully EXCLAIMING each sentence where I used a !!!!. Needless to say, I got the point. (literally) And now Is still use a bajillion exclamation points, but then I go back through and delete most of them. What can I say?? I’m an EXCITED person!

9. Softball. I haven’t tried to play softball in a long time. Like the last time I even swung a bat. . . 4th grade?? Either way- I was really terrible. So terrible I have never wanted to try again. I consider myself to be fairly athletic. (for a girl- don’t hate, obviously guys are stronger/faster/whatever. I’m cool with that because this “less strong” female doesn’t want to do manly things like cut the grass or change tires. So I’m all for guys being more athletic than me) Anyway, maybe I don’t suck as much I as once remembered. But since I have NO EXPERIENCE I’m guessing I’m not good. Maybe one day I’ll pick up a bat and see what happens. When that day comes you should probably stand behind the fence. Or have a camera ready- Cause hilarity is sure to ensue!

10. Movie Quotes. I’ve seen A LOT of movies. But I am not watching them to then be tested on the quotes of every person and who said them. Are you kidding me? I usually recognize the quote. I know it’s most likely from a movie I have seen (or I at east saw the trailer a million times.) But when our friends say a quote and then say “what movie. . . ” There’s no way I will know before someone else. Unless it’s form GREASE, You’ve Got Mail, or Pride & Prejudice. So sorry- YES I’ve seen that movie you are referencing, but unfortunately I chose to remember Learning Development Theory or some other crazy thing I learned in college over memorizing the movie quote. I am jealous of you movie quote memorizers. You make me feel like an idiot on Trivia night. So thanks.

So that’s all my friends. A sweet little list of things I’m not good at. And probably won’t be. Luckily I have friends who balance these all out quite nicely. I thought about posting a fun little selfie of me above. But the few I’ve taken recently include unbrushed hair. So yea. . . pass ūüôā


The Perfect Resume.

Y’all isn’t it funny how when you are interviewing for a job it’s kind of like you are trying to lie better than all the other people interviewing. My biggest weakness you ask? Well probably the fact that I¬†stay¬†up to 2am and then¬†have¬†to be at work at 8am and I require more sleep than that. Who the heck wants to be at work at 8am? Not me- I’d rather be eating¬†breakfast¬†at 8am. (Ok I can’t really complain about 8am because I like mornings, but I figured this would resonante better with y’all and I would honestly choose¬†breakfast¬†at 8am over work any day- luckily many days my job is to supply breakfast at work- Win Win!) But I can’t actually tell you that a weakness is I always forget how to spell¬†restaurant. (PTL for spell check- I just used it.) Or the fact that I¬†despise creating contracts (left this terrible process with my last job) Ya know?!?! We have to say what we want to hear. My weakness is that I care too much! Or some other cheesy line from a song that is highlighting a strength of mine wrapped into a “weakness.” Muahahahah. I’m actually pretty good at interviewing. So I’ve got them weakness/strength thang figured out!
In my next interview- when they ask for one of my strengths I would like to say that I can make an origami box. I can- it is pretty cool. Ok, ok so it would probably be better for me to tell them that I can design them a fully functioning web site with all their info/materials in a day. But who wants to do that?!?!
Crushing on this new dress! Feels like summer!

So, my friends- this is what I have for you today: Useless Skills.

10 Skills I wish I could put on my resume.

1.¬†I am faster than 99% of people at buying movie tickets from the kiosk.¬†Seriously¬†people they are not trying to play tricks on you. I can buy tickets and be gone before the dude next to me even gets to the screen where you choose your movie. This also translate to ATM usage. I don’t know why it takes people an hour to put checks in their¬†bank/get cash out, but do not worry- If you are behind me you will get to your money in a timely manner. Shouldn’t this be something we all know how to do by now?

2.¬†I can google anything.¬†For real people. My first reaction to any question/problem/idea/discussion/etc = GOOGLE. I could be the poster child to the average person living an exceptional life thanks to google. This might be a bold statement, but I’m pretty sure most of what I learned in order to be good at my job. . . from google. EEEEEK. Ok- so I know GOOGLE didn’t actually give me these answers. They gave me to means to the answers- But thanks to google the answers were more¬†readily¬†at my¬†disposal. Let me just say I am SO THANKFUL for the iphone/google maps. I¬†haven’t¬†had to crack open a paper map since I first got my drivers¬†license. I actually get in the car without knowing where I am going sometimes. And then I figure it out on my way there. HELLO- crazy talk. Also- Stop trying to make Bing happen. Google4Life.

3.¬†I can read novels very¬†quickly. I’m not really sure all the benefits of this skill, but I can read a good sized book in 2 days flat. Without skipping meals.staying home from works, etc etc. When¬†learning¬†to read I was taught to see the whole picture. To scan the line and then put the words together for comprehension. So I¬†actually¬†read quickly, and undertand what was just said. Sometimes my eyes moves faster than my brain and I have to re-read a line and play catch up, but for the most part. Speed. Reader.

4. I am a great grilled cheese maker. Tomato soup & grilled cheese is a specialty of mine. I can get the perfect amount of cheese in every bite, all the time. I usually cop out and make grilled cheese on my sandwich press, but when I pull out the skillet: game time.

5.¬†I am¬†excellent¬†at¬†up-do¬†hairstyles.¬†Where did this skill come from? My hair has never been longer than my shoulders. Lucky for me, my little sister has long,¬†luscious¬†locks that flow down to her waist and I was her personal hairstylist growing up. Also- she’s very peculiar about her hair, so not only did I get to do her hair, but many days I got to do it¬†multiple¬†times ūüėČ So thank KG for giving me this¬†indispensable¬†skill.

6. I know all the states in alphabetical order. and their capitals. I also know the preamble to the constitution. Thank you fourth & fifth grade and School House Rock. We the people. In order to form a more perfection union. . .

7.¬†I am¬†superb¬†at ironing. Before you get all judge-y because you saw me the other day wearing a wrinkly shirt-¬†sometimes¬†I just don’t iron things! Cause I’m lazy or whatever. Either way- I really love ironing. And I’m pretty darn great at it. Probably because one of my first jobs was ironing bridal gowns. If you don’t know it takes freaking FOREVER to iron one dress. Especially since they have about 17 layers of tulle underneath them. FYI- if your dress is satin- Iron It! Not too hot though ūüôā and if it is full of tulle and other delicate fabrics- take a steamer to it. That’s all we are doing people- no special tips or tricks. However, if you buy your dress from a good¬†place- they should do all the¬†ironing¬†for you. Hence my¬†acquired¬†skill set.

8.¬†I know fonts. I can look at a sign and tell you the font they used. Ok, ok- I’m sure there are A LOT of fonts I don’t know. But I can find you¬†something¬†close. Usually the free version that’s a tiny bit different, but close enough. Did you¬†know¬†their is an App thats called¬†Helvetica¬†vs. Arial and it just shows you text and you click the correct font. I’m pretty great at it. This could actually be on my resume if I was a designer or font-finder or something. Most days, it comes in quite handy.

9.¬†I can tie a bow-tie. Once I graduated from ironing wedding dresses, I became the window display gal [among other things] and I learned the art of bow tying. Honestly, most grooms/prom dates rent clip on bow-ties so it’s a surprise that I even learned how to tie one. But it comes in quite handy. Usually when a groom decides he wants to wear a bow tie and thinks he will be able to figure it out the day of his wedding, but then realizes it’s a tad trickier than he anticipated. It’s a skill I don’t practice too often, but luckily, I have my own personal bow tying extraordinaire of a boyfriend so it’s usually never a problem.

10. and lastly, I actually use this skill ALL THE TIME.¬†I can design a mean centerpiece. From flowers, to colored candies, burlap or lace- you name it. I can make you a centerpiece that will rock your world. I am also pretty sure that I keep Michael’s in company by buying all the garnet and gold colored ribbon/materials they own.

I’m sure you all have a ton of fabulous useless skills too!


PS. A few things I would like to add to my useless skills category:¬†cracking an egg with one hand,¬†writing in calligraphy¬†¬†and how to make the perfect creme¬†br√Ľl√©e.

Nerd Alert.

Teacher’s pet. Brown noser. Goodie two shoes. I’ve been called them all. Because I actually LIKE LEARNING. Goodness, I love it. I¬†loved¬†school. Sometimes I hated the I was awkward/not very cool/pretty shy part of things. But I connected with teachers so well. I’ve always connected well with those older than me. Put me in a room of middle aged men and women- I can talk their ear off. Put me in a room of 20 something young¬†professionals. FROZEN. I work really hard to be the outgoing person I am, even though I tend to be a bit introverted by nature. But trumping all those dynamics- put me in a classroom setting and I am in heaven.

I don’t know how I lucked out, but I honestly had THE BEST teachers growing up. I still remember lessons learned in almost every classroom during my elementary school days. Which seems ridiculous. And although years K – 2 are not as vibrantly stamped in my mind anymore I remember the teachers and their relationships with me so clearly. I remember great things about these first few years as a DCES Cub, like igloos out of milk jugs, angels created from stamping our feet and hands, the polar bear express, and other super magical experiences. But many of the memories have¬†started¬†to fade away.

But then there was third grade. I remember A LOT about third grade. Like how on the first day of class my teacher (Mrs. B) told our class it was not appropriate to run and push people over when getting into line. I¬†remember¬†this because she showed us the wrong way to do it. Her overdramatic impersonation of third graders lining up for lunch left an impression. I giggled, a lot. And not just that day- but the whole year. I¬†remember¬†on Friday afternoons we got to choose what classroom we went to and each room had a different activity going on. Obviously I always wanted to stay in her room. I hated when it was her week off- I remember playing this game with plastic pots and pennies. . . the¬†details¬†are a bit fuzzy but I¬†know¬†I really loved that game. I remember that our pencil sharpener was on the wall in the front of the room and a few times the boy in my class who I thought was cute would sharpen his pencil and I would rush to sharpen mine too. (Sorry¬†Mrs. B-¬†nothing¬†to do with you, he¬†apparently¬†left his mark too ūüėČ I remember two kids in our class “getting married” at recess and Mrs. B calling them up in the middle of class to tell us about their marriage. I remember feeling like I would DIE of embarrassment if she had called me up in class like that. Memories from field trips and field days, assemblies, and special events from that year are marked so clearly in my heart. My favorite memory of all revolves around Halloween. Since you can’t just celebrate Halloween at school without offending someone we had a “Dress up Day” where each grade had to dress reflecting a specific theme. For us third graders, it was storybook characters. Specifically, we may have even had to dress as a character from a book we had read that year. . . or¬†maybe¬†that was just my plan since I love to be a suck up ūüėČ Either way, my fabulous teacher Mrs. B was planning on being Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web- a book we had recently read. And I, was going to be the ever-graceful Charlotte. The spider that the book is based on!! I felt¬†like¬†a ROCKSTAR. I was so excited to show up to school in coordinating attire. But then, the most terrible thing that could happen to a sweet third grade spider happened to me. I got PINK EYE. This was a yearly¬†occurrence¬†for me- so the minute I woke up my mom knew it. Y’all you can’t hide pink eye. If I had a cold, the flu- heck even swine flu I could have gone to school and at least made it through the parade of costumes. But no. My dreadful eye gave me away. My mom had made me the BEST spider costume I had ever seen. I had the coolest legs and you know- and I was just pumped about being a spider. How¬†many¬†of y’alls teachers were wearing couple costumes with you in third grade?? Dynamic Duo is probably how we would have been referred to in the days following. Instead, I had to settle wearing my spider costume to a Halloween party where a group of girls from school told me I was ugly. And then I cried. and my mom tried to make it better by saying that spiders are suppose to be ugly. So it was actually a compliment. But these mean girls weren’t rookies when it came to tormenting me so I let it get to me. I actually had to leave the party cause my mom gave me a few chances, but I didn’t pull myself together. Sorry spider costume, but you literally were a BUST. I’m still sad about our mishaps.

The reasons I go on and on about my wonderful third grade year is because my teacher was honestly THE BEST third grade teacher a gal could ask for. She was actually my teacher in Kindergarten¬†too [She was finishing her teaching degree/co-teaching with¬†my K teacher-¬†something¬†like that] My friendship with her has lasted throughout the years and her kids are a part of my family. She’s been at so many of my dance shows, volleyball games, school events- my college graduation and now her daughter is moving to go to college here too! My life has been extremely influenced by the love, lessons, and laughter she has brought into my life. I am thankful that she¬†loves¬†teaching. That she puts up with the politics, the less than stellar paycheck, the red tape of our school system and all the other barriers that¬†could¬†ware a teacher down, but pushes through and loves her students. She’s not the type of teacher who just gets by. She goes above and beyond, creates opportunities for students to learn more, and love their time in and outside the classroom. And gosh, these students are LUCKY to spend so much time with her. When she’s not in the classroom you can find her on the stage [she’s quite the actress] cheering on her baby boy at his soccer games or support her sassy daughter at her MUN competitions. She’s a great friend to my momma and I love when our families spend time¬†together! I thought about including how much I love her in my recent list of 35 things I’m thankful for, but honestly I could write 35 just about her! And that would ‘t really be fair to my other friends/family, and you know Dr. Pepper. I could fill pages with all the ways she has made me laugh and I know so many of my classmates who would stand beside me and share the hilarious memories they have from time spent with her. Her only fault is that¬†I accredit my lack of knowledge regarding Rosa Parks’ death to her faulty classroom antics. So for today I just wanted to share a little love. A little appreciation for one of the teachers that made getting picked on a little bit better. Someone who cared about me and treated little third grade me like the adult I wanted to be. Hopefully you had many teachers like Mrs. B, but if not- know you were truly missing out on a year of complete fabulousness.

Thankful for so many of my teachers growing up, and for all my friends who are currently teachers! You all have such an important job- spending more time than most with our friends who will grow up to take over our roles one day. LOVE to you all and Happy Teachers Appreciation Day!


Mom & Marie

My sweet Momma and Mrs. B
(In costume for a performance- she doesn’t wear that to school. At least not every day.)

Thirty-Two Things.

It’s¬†already¬†been six years since the shooting at¬†Virginia¬†Tech. It’s crazy to think that much time as gone by- I often don’t even stop to remember how good my precious life is. But then days like yesterday awaken your senses and remind you how far our world still has to go. I’m so thankful that my friends and family are safe after yesterday’s¬†tragedies, but I know many people are¬†hurting. I’m thankful for a God who is bigger than all of this and that even in the hurt and pain of this world I don’t have to comprehend what is going on. Sending big prayers to everyone involved.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.09.27 PM
In honor of the 32 lives taken in Blacksburg six years ago, many bloggers are remembering 32 things they are thankful for. So many things I’m thankful for and they’re listed below:
 1. A family who supports my decisions and all the adventures I take on and pursue on various  days.
 2. My sister who is my oldest friend, fashion consultant, and keeps me laughing on a daily basis.
 3. A job I love that is full of collaboration, students, fun, and an administration that works hard to support its students!
 4. Roommates who make going home at night a wonderful thing.
 5. My HLP, Jamie, who keeps me sane and pointed in the right direction & is pretty much my favorite person ever
 6. Hot water, a house to sleep in, a car to drive- things I take for granted every day!
¬†7. A boyfriend who is my best friend and challenges me daily ūüôā Gosh, he’s pretty great.
 8. Neems, who wakes me up too early- but brings laughter and joy into my day.
 9. That I received a wonderful education.
10. Starbucks.
11. Young Life.
12. Young Life, I¬†have¬†to say it again because it’s been THAT¬†influential¬†in my life.
13. Allison, who let’s me talk myself in circles and then helps me sort my life out.
14. Nail polish [yea, it makes me happy so I’m thankful for it.]
15. My Mom- who gets excited about everything in my life! And doesn’t mind that I call her every day.
16. For technology and they way it can help save lives. [and find friends who were running the marathon!]
17. For the talent I have of using my hair straightener to iron my clothes while wearing them.
18. For the sunshine and gorgeous florida weather.
19. for the opportunity to travel.
20. For my sweet tallahassee friends. [BB, JT, BN, AK, KD, AS & so many others!]
21. sleepovers
22. Jesus & the cross. [obviously this would be first if this list was ranked on importance- but its not]
23. Chipotle. And the staff there that knows my order by heart.
24. Target. and the hours I’ve spent their with friends.
25. My co-workers.
26. laughter and smiles
27. Fresh flowers.
28. Football Season.
29. Unlimited access to books, and the ability to read.
30. LB- and her sweet friendship from the time we were itty bitty girls until now.
31. Dr. Pepper.
32. God’s grace.
Life is sweet and it’s so nice to remember how much we have to be thankful for!

Gym Rat.

Something I will never be. The only way those two words would ever be used together, in a sentence to describe me would be to say”AG saw a rat in the gym the other day.” I’d probably be in the gym because I was walking by the outside and saw someone faint [inevitably from seeing the rat] and then I ran in to try and revive them. You know what I mean??
I wish I¬†loved¬†going to the gym. But I don’t. The whole buy a membership so you go and don’t waste money. Not motivating. I’d rather skip eating a meal to justify not spending more money since I’m paying for a gym I don’t attend. And then I’m still losing weight. WIN WIN. JK… ¬†kinda.
I just get BORED. So so bored. I like running- for like 15 minutes. Then I’m bored. My gym [well the one I used to pay for] is really pretty- lots of fun colors. There’s quirky people and machines. It’s like a people watching paradise. You’d think I could commit. BORED. And besides- I can never¬†justify¬†the time spent going to the gym. I mean feeling good, looking better, living longer- all REALLY GOOD consequences of some quality gym time. But since I am inevitably looking for immediate results. I lose interest. I go with people. I go by myself. Morning, afternoon, night. Tried everything. I hate it.
I’m more of a yoga/Zumba class going, cardio class loving gal. Keeps me excited, interested, moving. Good Stuff. But whoever plans these classes apparently has never thought to include them for people with busy¬†schedules. Who work full time jobs. The classes are always at 10 or 11 am [I’m working] or 5/5:30 pm. Still working. Every once in a while I find a 5:30 class that I could possible get to if I leave EXACTLY at 5:00pm run to my car, cut off any students trying to leave campus, pray session hasn’t ended early at the Capitol and run a few red lights. I remember leaving my office at 5:00pm once. On my first day or something.
But goodness I think about working out a lot. If I actually got fit from thinking about really working out, I’d pretty much be in the best shape of my life.¬†More so¬†than when I was dancing 75 hours a week.
So instead I try to stay healthy other ways. a] Drink a crap load of water. I used to hate water. [apparently this post is going to make me sound like a lazy bum who hates good things.] Anyway- I thought water was disgusting. I never drank it. Then one day I realized I probably should. So I forced myself- and now I love it. I actually CRAVE water [sometimes] which I never¬†thought¬†would happen. I try to drink 32oz of water in the morning before anything else. For the first week- I felt like I was drowning. Now, I wake up wanting it. Makes me feel so much better the rest of the day. I also got the whole three meals idea out of my head. It would be lunch time so I’d eat lunch- even though I wasn’t hungry. I was probably just bored. When I am active and not thinking about food- I only eat when I’m hungry- so much better! I ALWAYS have water at my desk. I drink it all day long. [I pee a lot y’all] but it keeps me from snacking on unhealthy things, and makes me feel fuller. So WATER! It’s the bees knees.
b] I make normal tasks into “healthy” tasks. I wear heels to work every day. I’m just that kind of girl. I also don’t have a normal desk job- so I walk a lot. and I ALWAYS take the stairs. I work on the third floor- or a pretty fancy building, so we have spiral staircases- so if we are honest, it’s like walking up 5 flights of stairs. Its actually harder to get to the¬†elevator¬†.. you have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the elevator to go up to the third floor. So it isn’t really even tempting. But even when I’m heading across campus to meetings [i walk] and I try to always take the stairs. Then I can justify drinking that¬†Starbucks¬†all day ‘err day ūüôā
c] I stretch and do abs in my room every morning and night. Poor Kels- who knows what it sounds like¬†downstairs¬†in her room beneath me. I have a pretty intricate morning ritual- complete with some downward dog and jumping jacks action. I feel like I have a pretty great routine. I could use some more cardio [maybe I should sprint to my meetings] but everything else seems to be working well. And I eat pretty healthy and the Dr. always says I’m healthy [which reinforces me choosing to eat Chick Fil A on a weekly basis] So I’m feeling good.
But I have a goal for the Fall. A newly inspired, maybe I’ll like the gym [probably not] way to make sure I get in a few weekly workouts. I’ll get back to you on things later this year. And if you never hear from me on the subject- safe to assume it was a REALLY great idea, with a less than stellar implementation.
Enjoy your weekend friends!

‚ÄúSpring is the time of plans and projects.‚ÄĚ

A quote from Leo Tolstoy (Anna Karenina) and goodness do I agree! Springtime gets me in this creative mood of new beginnings and refreshes my soul. It’s like a breath of fresh air. (Minus the fact that my spring time breathes are always spoiled by the abundant amounts of pollen that I suck in. Then I start coughing, sneezing, getting the itchy eyes. So lets pretend this breathe of fresh air is a non pollinated one!)

I am, as mentioned many times before, a habitual list maker. I make a To Do list every day. Multiple times a day! And I feel greatly satisfied when I’m able to cross items of my list. I’m totally the person who adds things I’ve done to my list just so I can check them off. I like to have a visual representation of where my time was spent that day. It helps me stay in check! So in January, the start of the new year I am ALL ABOUT list making, goal setting, dreaming up what the new year will look like. It just gets me excited for a new year. a new plan. I just get excited about a lot of things y’all! But goodness, if you had asked me to give a little insight into what this year would look like- I would have been WAAAAY off. We are only 4 months in and my world has been turned upside down. In completely good ways I might add. But it is causing me to be so very patient. And trusting. And to honestly believe the words I know to be true. That God has a plan, the best plan imaginable… I pray my words, actions, and thoughts reflect him always and glorify him the best way possible. I’m thankful he has things figured out and little ole me only has to trust, and know that He is God. On that note, I’m including a few things that are keeping me in the SPRING SPIRIT!

A BEAUTIFULLY written blog post. Gosh, I just love the truth in this.

This totally adorable linen dress.

and this dress too!

Super cute spring print!

Mason Jars. 

This scalloped beauty of a dress.

Prints about the South.

Red Front Doors.

A good book to read in your hammock.

Gorgeous succulents.

Enjoy the beginnings of spring y’all!
I know I am ūüôā



Monday, Monday… and a little 101 Update!

Y’all I love me some Mondays! Me and probably less than 1% of the world. I just feel so productive on Mondays and excited for the week! By Friday I’m usually dreaming of the beach, being able to spend time in my hammock, or getting to hang with my friends so it’s hard to be as excited for my job [which I love] when all those fun¬†possibilities¬†are staring me down! Anyway, I’ve realized I¬†haven’t¬†updated my 101 list in FOREVER and I only have about 6 months left!! Crazy how time flies. Hopefully your Monday mornings are filled with lots of happiness &¬†productivity!!!

Things I’ve learned about my 101 lists. a] I LOVE this list. I’m surprised with everything I’ve¬†accomplished! b] While the goal is to try and complete everything… some items are really a stretch and my not happen and that’s totally ok!! c] My goals change. When I started this list 26 months ago some things I thought were important- less important now… also ok! d] Definitely making another list starting January 2014! [[These lists take some time to dream up, so start creating a list now if you want to join in!!]]

START: January 1, 2011                                 END: September 28, 2013

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks/goals/challenges in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and represent ‚Äústretching.‚ÄĚ

Why 1001 Days?
It’s all about a realistic deadline. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) allows you several seasons to complete tasks, which is better for organizing and timing things like overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Italicized- in the process of being completed

strikethrough- means completed

1. Do the morning boot camp workout [so early!!!!] at least one session of it [0/1]
2. drink only water for a week for 3 weeks [doesn’t have to be consecutive] [2/3]
3. Take my vitamins everyday for a month
4. Lose some LBs
5. run a 5k [I ran a 1/2 marathon so I’m counting that instead!]
6. work out every day for a month [is it okay is i’ve decided this one is stupid, lol. jk I’ll make it happen!]
7. walk to my mailbox [instead of stopping on my drive by] for one month
8. take a karate class and be one step closer to being¬†Sydney Bristow– Yup- no desire to do this… I’ll take my zumba/yoga/running workouts instead!
9. read 5 biographies/autobiographies of people I admire [2/5]
10. read 10 classics [1/10] *Jane Eyre
11. get a second masters degree- Also not going to happen. I was taking classes for this, but I have a new plan now!
12. read 100 books [29/100] *Jane Eyre, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Girl Who Played With Fire, Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Room, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay, Matched, Crossed, Reached, Gone, Call me Irresistible,  Fear, MWF seeking BFF, True Believer, Love Does, The Giver, Safe Haven, The Sky is Everywhere, Avoiding Responsibility, Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, 50SOG, 
13. Re read a book from high school that was required in an English class The Giver
14. Eat at 5 new restaurants in Tallahassee [5/5] *Wine Loft, Fuzions, Coosh’s, Sahara, Crape Vine
15. Eat at 5 new restaurants outside Tallahassee [5/5] *Schooners [panama city beach], First Watch [orlando], Wildhorse Saloon + Paradise Park Trailer Resort [nashville], KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe
16. do 20 things I haven’t done off this list 100 things to do in tallahassee
17. go to Europe
18. go to Alaska
19. go to NYC again
20. go to a state I’ve never been to
21. go on a spontaneous trip
22. go skiing
23. see [another] broadway show [on broadway] Saw Sister Act + Book of Mormon!
24. visit 5 museums I’ve never been to [0/5]
25. go wine tasting in Napa Valley
26. take a cooking class
27. go on a picnic
28. don’t eat out for two weeks
29. try ten foods I’ve never had [1/10] *Oysters, 
30. start compiling all my fav recipes + create an organized way of viewing them
31. cook three meals a week at home for a month
32. Learn to make cr√®me br√Ľl√©e¬†Thanks to my mom I received a torch set for my birthday¬†:)My first round was okay‚Ķ but my second set was Delish!
33. go apple picking
JESUS woo!
34. pray for a different country every week
35. Read the whole bible [chronologically]- I also don’t like this goal anymore…. So I’m just reading my Bible.
36. Memorize a verse every week for three months
37. invite + bring five high school gals to summer yl camp Went to Sharp Top Cove in August!
38. support [shop] three local businesses every month for 5 months
39. only use reusable bags for 6 months
40. back up my computer at least once a month  [10/33]
41. get my website up and running
42. enhance my website skills
43. learn new photography tips + tricks Definitely improved a few skills! But I can always learn more, so technically this could be an in process one too.
44. attend a MTH seminar
45. write a business plan
46. unsubscribe to all the websites I no longer read the emails from Best Day Ever! I could probably do this again in a few months.
47. Shoot pictures in the rain
48. improve my illustrator skills
49. design a line a print/paper products [[stationary, postcards, etc]]- coming with my new website!
50. watch the lord of the rings movies [0/3]
51. watch season 1 of LOST [maybe the rest if I get hooked] Currently on Season 2, and definitely HOOKED!
52. watch all the movies in my house that I’ve never seen [there’ quite a few, my roomie is ak]
53. make Allison watch Casablanca, I currently own Casablanca now- so we are getting closer!
54. make a list of everyone I want to send a bday card to in 2011, make and send them!
55. re decorate my bedroom
56. start to make a t shirt quilt w/ my YL shirts
57. create [at least] 4 photobooks with pics from the past 5 years [0/4]
58. make a coffee table book filled w/ original pics
59. when I say ‚ÄúI could make that for cheaper‚ÄĚ do it!! [3 different times] [1/3] *pillow
60. paint 4 new pictures [0/4]
61. send handmade Christmas cards
62. pay off ¬ľ of my student loans
63. stay debt free [minus my student loans] for all of these 1001 days
64. go one week without spending any money
65. go to a spa for the day with my bffs
66. buy a bookshelf [[a large ikea like one]]
67. buy a new car
68. get a massage
69. splurge on a dress that makes me feel fabulous
70. take a day off for no apparent reason
71. Learn how to put on makeup [mostly eye shadow] from a professional
72. get my own library card [[instead of using jamies]]
73. go on a date
74. make a list of top ten jobs I would love to have
75. meet 5 new friends who are in the same stage of life as me
76. make a ‚Äúbucket list‚ÄĚ
77. frame my diplomas
78. learn a new skill- I learned how to make creme br√Ľl√©e, also learned new design tricks!
LOVE myself + others
79. identify 25 things I love about myself
80. identify 10 things I dislike about myself + change them
81. smile at every person I see for a week
82. Give a 100% tip
83. Do an anonymous favor
84. volunteer somewhere [besides YL] 
85. send cds with my fav songs [at the time] to random friends
86. have a girls weekend with my friends from high school
87. Send someone flowers for no reason!
88. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
89. don’t say anything sarcastic for an entire week
90. write a hand written letter once a month
91. be jamies roommate again [she suggested this one]
92. go to 4 concerts [4/4] Montgomery Gentry [Nashville] Luke Bryan [Valdosta] Sugarland [Tally] Miranda Lambert [Tally]
93. Go to the opera or ballet Went to Rock the Diamond!
94. Go camping [at least 2 times] [0/2]
95. Go ballroom dancing
96. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day
97. buy a newspaper every Sunday for six months- another one that I’m not digging anymore
98. play a favorite game from my youth– kickball
101 in 1001
99. blog about my 101 experiences
100. donate $2 for every goal not completed to Church
101. make a new 101 in 1001 list!