am i really a blogger?

So I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to be a blogger. I mean I am always writing, journaling, blogging to myself, but I decided to have an “official blog.” Maybe this is because I am at the age now where my friends live not only in different cities, but states separate us. It feels like I attend a wedding every other weekend, and when walking through Target I don’t zip past the baby section, but rather stop and decide on which baby friend I want to spoil this week. What does this mean? Life is busy. It was busy before weddings, babies, houses, and jobs. So now it’s SUPER hectic. I am lucky enough that even though I graduated college a year before most my friends [I was one of those people] I stuck around for two years of graduate school and my closest friends were my roommates, neighbors, or sister who all had the same zip code as me. Until recently my closest friends have lived in the same town as me or at least in the same state. So the 2010 year has brought about a lot of change. For me I live in the same college town, and in fact work for my alma mater. But starting this fall my sister and hlp [best friend as you know her] both moved 5 hours away from me in opposite directions. Now I am certainly not complaining about my situation because I LOVE tallahassee, live with another one of my closet friends, have friends who I would consider to be lifelong that live here as well, and have a job that is AWESOME. However, it just means that this year looks completely different then my last five. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up right!?

In all reality, this change hasn’t completely sunk in yet. Between the phones calls, facebook updates, @mentions on twitter, and weekly [if not daily] emailing with them I still know what is going on in their lives. But I’d much rather head to a local coffee shop, sit down and have a face to face conversation or better yet arrive home from work and see them lounging on the couch. So blogging, will be just another way for me to be e-connected to my friends and family. Would I love for you to read my blog and feel a life changing rush of emotional satisfaction and enlightenment crash over you? OF COURSE. Do I think that will happen, not particularly. But for now, feel free to leave your comments, kudos, concerns, and tidbits.

chats later!


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