words are weird.


the word weird is weird. The whole I before E except after C crap doesn’t apply. No rule ever makes sense, words are just plain weird. But oh so fascinating. I remember as a little girl constantly asking my mom “where does this word come from” or “why do we call this a cup”, etc etc. If you have ever read the book The Phantom Tollbooth [one of my favorites as a child] it gives a fascinating, fictional explanation of letters, numbers, and words. A young boy who finds the world around him boring and mundane is transported to another world of rhyme and reason where he finds meaning for his life. The creativity behind this book opens up so many “explanations” as to how our world functions. It is truly a good read, even now! It was also made into a movie in the 70s. You can watch it here!

What got me thinking about words, and their weirdness, was an occurrence at work today. One of the other event coordinators really hates the word “utilize.” She just thinks it is unnecessary. I, however, don’t feel the need to argue the importance of the word utilize, but it brought me back to a place of unfamiliarity. I wish I knew the etymology for all words. I am super nerdy like that!

To finish off this thought we have a few clients who throw around the phrase “in-kind” like it is their job. We started talking about the idea of “in-kind” and how its just a fancy way of saying FREE. So I looked into it. In-kind comes from the phrase Payment in-kind. Meaning, a payment of goods and services with goods and services. Not cash. Kyn is the archaic word for cattle. Which was the most common form of in-kind payment. Just in case you were wondering how to ask for free stuff and sound like a fancy pants. Here you go. Now I hope you feel a tad bit smarter than when you woke up this morning…


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