[[sweet]] summertime

Tallahassee works on semesters. Probably because two major universities reside in the community, but nonetheless we have Fall, Spring, and Summer. I love each semester for so many different reasons, but as this summer semester comes to a fast end I reflect on all the reasons why summertime in tallahassee is so sweet. First of all. I never took summer class so that helped A LOT! I LOVE school don’t get me wrong… Ask my friends. They think I’m crazy. But my love of school is easily renewed and rejuvenated with a summer off. ok. summer. First and foremost, SUNSHINE. That makes summer already amazing. A lot of your friends go home for the summer, so the ones who stick around become your summertime crew, for lack of a better term. My closest friends have spent some long summer days, and nights, with me throughout my college years.

My favorite summer of college happened after I graduated from undergrad before I started graduate school. Could that be why I was so relaxed? haha. Some pictures from that sweet summertime…

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I really can’t describe all the awesomeness that this summer entailed. But believe me. If you were a part of it you probably enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Even though I am not in school anymore, summertime is still a slow time for tallahassee. Students are gone, traffic is obsolete, work is slow, the pool is my favorite saturday morning place, and so much more. So I am going to spend the last few weeks of summer truly enjoying the slowness before the crazy, hectic fall semester begins!

one final note:: i bought those twisty hair pins that apparently take the place of four or five bobby pins…. they rock. I am guessing if you buy them you won’t be sorry!

love to you all!


One thought on “[[sweet]] summertime

  1. this was my favorite summer as well.
    and i can see why it is your fave.
    you are so TAN!
    i wish i could be finishing up this summer with you guys..
    just be ready for the action-packed fall semester visits.
    [[that includes going to football games! get excited.]]

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