people watching

people watching.

if this were a degree, I’d totally have a PhD 😉 This is a hobby that I have always shared with my mom, sis, hlp, and many others! We often play the game “What’s their story” when we see people enter a restaurant together, or stop talking for a few seconds to take in whatever sights are surrounding us at the time. So while sitting at a stoplight today I was watching a group of 10 fsu students about to cross the street. These 10 students under my scrutiny were obviously freshmen enjoying their first “summer C session” at fsu. They were laughing, being silly and just enjoying the moment. Yet still trying to act totally cool. Probably for mulitple reasons

1) they all just met a week earlier and although the term “friends” describes them, really they have no other security and want to be accepted by their peers

2) there’s a potential ‘”hottie” in the group who could be a future girlfriend/boyfriend

3) they were standing on the corner of campus and W tennessee. So not only being scrutinized by myself, but every other college student/young adult/professor driving by.

Whatever the reason. I loved being able to watch campus come to life and ultimately drift back to my early college life as a freshmen who was caught up in the magical months of freshmen year!

A second “What’s their story event” occurred the other evening while eating dinner with ak, chris, and amy. Behind us was a group of 4 youngins’ three young boys and a girl. She, subsequently, was drinking a beer. Which first caught my attention because the three boys looked to be maybe 14 at the oldest. MAYBE. After reexamining the girl, we realized that she was probably a babysitter. Drinking a beer on the job…WHAT?? Ok, well today I thought maybe she had a dual role. Babysitter/sister of one [or more] of the boys. We heard them all chatting about who was dating who and what the latest gossip was. Of course they had our attention, but the best part of the evening was when the young girl walked away form the table to the restroom and the boys ‘pounded’ one another with a congratulatory “she’s hot.” OK. now I have NO IDEA what their connection is. Maybe they were just in tune to the idea that they were on the ‘college’ side of town and were living it up. Either way, we were having an absolute laughfest over the actions of these young guys. Come to think of it, Moes is very often the site of these “what’s their story” sightings. They apparently draw such an eclectic collection of individuals into their facility that you almost never leave their restaurant without an interesting anecdote under your belt.

I’d like to think that I am super perceptive, or like paying close attention to details, but it really just sounds like I am nosy. Maybe I could write a book on people watching. Just a collection of humorous short stories…. Could be very funny.


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