i thought moving was fun

but it totally isn’t.

I think ak and I have said the words “We are almost done” over 50 times. I don’t know what happens, but when we leave our old house someone goes back in their and undoes at least half of what we worked on that day. I swear!! Every time I think we packed up our last car load, miraculously MORE crap finds its way to us.  I am 100% a get rid of stuff kind of person. I hate clutter, and as a young professional with a roommate, cat, and affordable apartment I don’t have a lot of space. So if it hasn’t been used in the past 6 months. TOSS IT. I am not a hoarder. So now as I type from my new place I am anxious to finally FINISH everything at my old house. After what seems like 5 months of moving, we will paint the last room tomorrow evening, vacuum, and BE DONE! yay. Then it’s over to our new place to try and find room for the way too much stuff we have. The only stuff I have unpacked as included boxes of the “essentials” work clothes. books. my ‘fav’ dvds [dawsons creek, twilight, new moon, remember me, pride &prejudice] neem’s food/toys/etc, shoes, and craft supplies. You can tell I most definitely have my priorities straight! However, my goal is that by THURSDAY everything will be unpacked and [[mostly]] organized. Especially since Friday after work I head down to SWFL for my sisters 21st BIRTHDAY! dang she’s old, annnd that means I have to find her bday presents which are somewhere mixed into the masses. Moral of today’s blog: I am SO THANKFUL that I never moved until I went to college. 🙂


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