[[super]] like

i like [[brackets]] and lowercase letters. and using periods instead of commas. i like rain boots. my glasses. dresses. fresh flowers. when it rains. the early morning hours. saying the word totally, using abrevs [abbreviations] especially Fab, and writing complete sentences when i text. i love dancing. photography. reading. going to school. art. and history.

totally random, but totally true.

you probably know these things if we hang. but here are some things you might not know.

i usually cry in every movie. except scary. happy, sad, action, heartfelt. it will most definitely bring tears. I think james made a joke one time saying I’d probably last 22 minutes into the movie and then shed tears. I think I made it 11 minutes. So, if we every go to the movies together. you have been for warned.

i go see way TOO many movies. i love going to the movies. totally a selfish desire.

if the opportunity presented itself i would live in the following places: italy. greece. a museum. atlanta. tampa. ireland. 75% of florida’s coastline. a yacht.

i get nervous when it comes to heights. but i love flying, and being adventurous, so it usually doesn’t stop me. but i don’t think i could skydive, eeek. who knows

i wish i was more spontaneous. || i give in VERY easily. it’s usually not worth the fight. || i love cooking, but rarely feel i have the time. || i want to write a book || i am never concerned about money [maybe i should be] || i think i’m really funny || i want to travel the world || i want to own my own company, preferable in my 20s || if i knew i was going to die in 6 months i’d take out a lot of student loans, use them to buy my mom a house, sell all my stuff, and travel the world with my hlp and kiss robert pattinson [obsessive crunch, i can’t help it!] || i burned my arm on an iron when i was 1 || i once thought i wanted to be a doctor, but realized heck no somewhere in high school || i think in college i changed my career path/job ideas/after college plans every 2 weeks. Praise my mom for loving and supporting all of them! Even the baby sign language school idea 🙂

okay. enough information for one about to be rainy afternoon.

chats later!


One thought on “[[super]] like

  1. i would totally travel the world.
    today would work.
    i suppose nola will have to suffice for now…
    [[i also love the brackets :)]]

    ps- lets do something spontaneous this weekend.
    our list is getting rather long…

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