f o o t b a l l season.

has arrived.

you might not see this as something that is [[super]] important, but when you live in a college town [[especially the town of the college you went to and currently work for]] it’s an exciting season. Like clockwork the weather began to cool off. Of course it is currently 94 degrees outside as I type, but the other morning it was 68 degrees for like 20 minutes!!! I mean fall is here. I LOVE summertime, but a break from 100+ temperatures = amazing. Ok so traffic will be crazy, but totally worth it. Alumni trickle into town bringing with them streams of garnet and gold. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and the community unites. Needless to say, I’m a sucker for the fall. School starts, football starts and scarf weather is right around the corner. YES. This football season is especially memorable because we have a new head coach. Jimbo Fisher! I will always love me some bobby bowden, but I’m excited to see how this season goes. I think in honor of the first FSU football game weekend, I’ll go buy myself a new FSU shirt.

ENJOY your long weekend.

and go noles!  >>>—————–>


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