hula hoops

i don’t like things i’m not good at.

does anybody? i mean i like trying new things. and learning, but when i’m in a competitive mood i like to kick some butt.

this past labor day weekend myself and three friends ventured to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Mostly to see the newly added “Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” Which, by the way, was AWESOME! seriously so fun! There were hardly any lines, the weather was awesome, and thanks to our friend Bryan, we had a few insider tips on how to beat the system and not get caught in lines- even at the newest HP ride! We also got to enjoy some butterbeer. YUM if you’re not a harry potter fan [[you totally should be]] and you’d probably still enjoy it!

So after an adventure filled day we were heading out of the park and back towards the parking garages when we found ourselves watching a hula hoop contest. There were a wide range of kids to adults competing to win whatever prize had been mentioned before our arrival. A teenage girl from China won this round and the DJ was now looking for another round of contestants. Well I am a hula hoop champ. I mean what girl doesn’t grow up with a hula hoop. The rules were around the waist only [[no problem]] and no touching the hoop, duh! Well Jamie and I decide to join in on the fun. Our first red flag should have been realized when we were the oldest people in this round by probably twenty years. Secondly, our ‘practice round’ was not going so well. The DJ mentioned that we could be the audience’s comic relief. awesome. Needless to say, after the hula hoop rounded our bodies twice from shear force it slide down our legs and rested upon the cement faster than expected. What the heck?!?! when did hula hooping become so hard? Honestly, I don’t even know how I used to be able to hula hoop. Either way, it was a fabulous 5 seconds that ended our walk out of the park, and lucky for us the boys caught it on video… [[maybe if i get it downloaded it will make an appearance]]

ok. so hula hooping is clearly not in my future. and i’m okay with that. hopefully you get time this week to enjoy a childhood memory…I’m skipping the hula hoops and heading straight for the skip it. I’m SURE i can still rock that 🙂



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