i now pronounce you Mr and Mrs [blank]

wedding season.

totally started 3 years ago for me…and is never ending. i really don’t mind at all because i LOVE weddings. and have dabbled in my fair share of wedding planning, and would maybe one day want to have my own wedding/event planning company. so really i LOVE wedding season! [[besides that fact that it can get real expensive, real quick. it’s awesome.]] my bff from growing up is getting married in october. i’m very excited for her, and although our college years were not spent connected at the hip like our younger years i’m still honored, and excited to be a part of her wedding! so when you see me reading wedding magazines, following wedding design blogs, and keeping up with the latest and greatest wedding trends. it is NOT for my wedding 🙂 [[not that i don’t one day want to be married]] but heck no not right now. i’m totally researching ideas for others!

since its wedding season for me, and virtually any of my friends at this post college age…its always on our minds. my gal friends and i laugh because its so easy to get swept up in the whole marriage realm. First of all, you meet a guy. he loves jesus, you think…huh maybe we could date? by the next week you have picked out your wedding month, how his family will fit in with yours, why his last name sounds great with yours, and even you kids names. //girls don’t even PRETEND you don’t do this// i don’t think i do it very often compared to some of my beautiful friends, but its hilarious. We love the idea of feeling needed. wanted. chased after. luckily for me i run the whole friend thing into the ground so much before i even consider dating them, that i usually have a REALLY good idea of what i’m getting into. so before i envision our future life together, i think through getting to know them. as my brother in christ. as a friend, who is chasing after jesus so much that there’s no doubt in my mind where his focus is. mmm, love that.

seriously gals. day dreaming, wedding planning, future plans. totally allowed to happen. in fact i love thinking about how one day i’ll live next to my hlp with our hottie husbands who do all the working so we can shop and go out to lunch everyday. oh wait…not realistic? whatevs. lol. my main point is that you are already being chased after. hard. wanted and loved by our creator. Jesus wants you for you. he’s your biggest fan, and he desires to know you more than anyone. how refreshing. but oh how i forget this SO OFTEN. i desire to be wanted, admired, and affirmed by others and the world more so than my creator. luckily he forgives. and continues to chase me no matter what. that is honestly the best feeling ever.

so as i plan bridal shower games, wrap wedding gifts, and plan ‘perfect weddings’ for my friends around me…i hope we can all remember that no one can ever be God, but God himself. and how much he loves us is completely unattainable in our own thoughts. so feel loved. beautiful. and completely desirable. our god wants all of you!


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