my sister gave me that nickname.

when i asked her why she started calling me that, she said duh alyssa. You’re my sister, and you’ve got faith. just one example of the many reasons i love my sister. she’s real and to the point. i somewhat feel like a nun when i see it written on paper, but i’m no where close to being like a nun. and honestly a nun named sister faith. too cliche my friends.

our friend bryan loves mean girls. the movie. not actual mean girls. i mean maybe he loves them too, like as jesus loves them. but i don’t think he actually has an affinity for girls who are not nice. or lindsey lohan [who indeed needs jesus, and a whole lot of help] he watches, and quotes it frequently. i also enjoy the movie…but why do boys truly ENJOY this ridiculous movie? they think it’s true. WHAT? girls being that mean…saying i love your skirt to your face and stating that it’s the ugliest thing they ever laid eyes on behind your back. stealing boyfriends, excluding non pink wearing band geeks from their lunch table.

oh my goodness it is true.

it makes me smile that bry truly loves mean girls. but it also makes me realize the importance of loving our middle school and high school friends. its sad that girls have to play a role to fit in with people who call themselves their friends, yet would drop them like a hot potato the minute they stop loving twilight, or the latest and greatest fad. [[let’s face it i’d probably stop being your friend too if you hated on twilight, so let’s go with something more logical]] kidding! so while i admit that mean girls the movie is not as factual as my guys friends would like to think, i have to agree that it indeed gives us a glimpse into the craziness that ensues being a teenager/high schooler/college student/person living in this generation. lucky for me i get the opportunity to be a genuine friend to them. and i hope i never take that lightly. i am preparing for my club talk on monday and i am hoping that i will be able to remind these teenagers what YL is about. truth. authenticity. jesus. they get to be real, and loved because of it. what a sweet deal.


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