i’m nerdy. [[love computers, media, video, anything apple, and the idea that information/news can spread faster than you can blink across the world wide web]]

here is a video i recently saw that CRACKS me up.

I would DIE, if my daughter did this to me. I know it is just a commercial, but so funny. I can see my sister doing this to me, or my mom. she likes to be dramatic. she also kicks butt dancing with RUKUS [[fingers crossed]] in orlando! she’s awesome. one day i’ll link one of her dance videos so you can watch.

here’s another video

wow. Loved this. so true. when did it become ALL about MONEY. I know it’s important, and I probably don’t worry about it enough. BUT it’s not my money anyway. It’s hard to remember this. Especially when I have to start paying back student loans [[real soon]], there are weddings, birthdays, christmas gifts, a desire for new cars, the necessity to shop for winter clothes, etc etc. Luckily for me I got a job right out of college that uses my masters degree. SUPER lucky i know. so i will be paying off my student loans until i’m dead. which i am fine with, because my education is TOTALLY worth it. But honestly…what do you make?? To begin with, that’s a bold [maybe rude] dinnertime conversation, and to follow that- why is income the first, and seemingly most important question when it comes to ones job? it’s annoying. but it’s what our society has made important. $$ I mean don’t get me wrong, I often wish I had more money…to travel fun places, to pay off all those student loans, to give to my family & friends who need it. But I can still find happiness without it.

I do not think our jobs should define us. You might have a job you LOVE and it allows you to love others, and that’s great. You might have a job that you don’t love as much as you hoped too, but you can still change lives. I often get caught up in this. I want my job to be this perfect all encompassing role I have. so what’s God’s will for our lives:: Love God. Love People. SO SIMPLE. love it. there’s my answer love him, love others. No matter what job you have, no matter what school you went to, no matter who your boss is, what you do after 5pm. love HIM. then others. NO WHERE does it say love what you do for yourself. eeek. You see jesus is not surprised if I work for FSU or if I work for YoungLife, because his will for me is the same no matter where i spend my hours. So how are you loving him? others? I love the passion the poet has in the video above. I want to love jesus that much. to stand up for him when others may ask, what do you get out of following him? As for teachers, that’s what Jesus was. I LOVE school. always enjoyed it growing up…i’m still friends with many of my teachers today. a good teacher can shape the way you view a subject matter. they get you excited for learning, for knowledge, for understanding all you can and being ready to accept that you need to learn more. i often think i would love being  teacher. it’s hard work, not always glamorous, you get discouraged, and there’s never enough money for you, or your school, or the kids, but it’s worth it. school’s worth it. loving people, is worth it.



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