why do cemeteries have a fence around them?

because people are dying to get in….  [[thanks james for this awesome joke]]

MIA. that’s what i’ve been the past little bit.  Mainly because work was crazy. we had a really big event last week…which required early mornings and late nights. The typical younglife||explore||team leader-ness||contact work||etc kept me moving and groovin. Then I drove down to southwest FL for one of my oldest friends WEDDING! [[i told you it never ends]] She looked GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to see all the pictures.  I had so much fun napkin folding, table setting, bouquet making, boutonniere designing, hair pinning and just being a bridesmaid 🙂 I also got to spend a lot of time with my friend Jenn [we went to high school together] she was also a bridesmaid. I loved getting to reconnect with her and to meet her fiance [[who is awesome]]

so after all of that…I’m back.

halloween is coming up. my LEAST favorite holiday ever. for real. NOT a fan. I’m not sure if I ever really loved it growing up either… I mean I always dressed up because when you grow up dancing you have more costumes then you now what to do with, but mehr. not that fun. Maybe because I can never think of anything really creative. or maybe i just don’t want to spend more than like $10 on it so my costumes are usually lame. ha I also don’t think my mom really LOVES halloween that much so its not like she was trying to encourage a love for the holiday. However, she is dressed up for work today as a pretty pink flower…and she looks HOT! I’d post a picture, but she’d probably kill me. Anyway, halloween just reminds me that thanksgiving is so close which is REALLY my favorite holiday 🙂

so for now I’m preparing my mind for what will no doubt be an interesting weekend. It’s FAMU’s homecoming [[which by the way is pronounced FAM [like the beginning of family] YOU = FAMU not FAMOO. I know it’s Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, but their name does not moo. Glad we could clear that up. So if you’ve never experience a FAMU homecoming weekend it is MOST definitely an experience you won’t forget. To prepare the scene for you:: Some rap artist[s] always come give a concert so Saturday evening I will constantly feel like I am walking through the streets of a rapper music video. Places I will not go to this weekend|| the mall [[worst of them all]] south side of town, frenchtown, anywhere hanging a FAMU flag, the movies after 8pm, Gurthries, hip hop fish and chicken [yes i normally go there, duh!] and citi trends. [don’t normally go there…] If you’ve ever seen T-pain’s “Take your shirt off video” then you’ll have a very slight idea of what the weekend may entail. I’m not exaggerating at all!!

tomorrow I get to take picture of three of the most adorable kids around… The are precious, all of them. we are taking picture for their family christmas cards. the weather is suppose to be beautiful so it should be a marvelous morning.

ok, i promise to blog more often. about better things than this too.

all for now,




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