That’s how old I’ll be in a few short days. I don’t have an age complex, and I’m not sure I ever will. There’s no fear that I will one day reach thirty [cause duh I will!] or the thought that I’ll say I’m younger than I really am. Who knows- maybe when I’m old[er] this will change. I think twenty-four is YOUNG! However, this was the first year that I’ve actually felt OLD.  I’m in this weird stage of life, I have good friends who are ten years older than me- and I have friends who are eight years younger than me. At work I’m young, at YL I’m old. It’s a rather strange thing. The college life is however, quickly passing me by. I don’t have a beautiful college schedule where I can skip class to go on a spontaneous adventure, join my friends for a 2.5 hour lunch, or stay up till 4am, then take a 5 hour nap the next day. Now let’s be serious, I do stay up late, I never nap anyway, and my work schedule is BALLER- so I have lots of freedom. I’m not complaining- I’m just “growing up” craziness. Half of my friends are married [[just kidding- more like 5/6 of them are married]], some have kids, they are moving to new cities, getting new jobs and doing grown up things. In my mind- I’ve always been a grown up. Well, since about 17. So it’s not really new. And I LOVE being aboard the next best thing train. Thankfully I have Jesus. Who is constantly new and faithful in my life. Or I might run off at every new possibility. I’m almost ready for something new. But I don’t know what it is yet…City? Job? [[what else can be new?]] I can only change my hairstyle so many times!!! In campaigners on Sunday we talked about what it means for Jesus’ plans for our lives <<Jeremiah 29:11>> For my high school friends college, jobs, moving, parents. There’s so much. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes I don’t even remember exactly how I came to the decisions I did as a junior/senior in high school. [[maybe I am getting old…]] But I do remember it’s stressful at times. I also know- that it totally works out. I don’t think that one wrong step forward and the whole earth will come shattering down. I think we can be successful no matter what steps we take. I also thought that eventually the future planning would become minimal. I’m beginning to realize it never ends…There’s always something in the future that I’m thinking about. Which is okay- if I am trusting and faithful, but could be tiring if I try to figure everything out. Lordy. Life is complicated. But oh so good 🙂 In the next six months a good chunk of my friends will be peace’n out of town [[Dam you KK & JF for starting this trend!!]]. New jobs, promotions, marriage, graduating, graduate school,  etc etc. I’m excited for them! Even though they are totally missing out cause tallahassee is the jam. For now I am enjoying our time together and loving them while they figure out where their next steps are.

Sometimes, I find myself getting wrapped up in this next steps process too. I mean- it might be my time for something new. But today it’s their thing.  I am just trying to figure out what my career path will even be. I know there’s a perfect job waiting for me. When I was in atl a few weekends ago Andy Stanley gave a sermon on jobs. And knowing your future ‘gameplan.’ it was awesome. My favorite thing he said all morning was that current opportunities may be the link to future opportunities. I agree 100%. current opportunities might be the key to future possibilities. right now- I’m working hard, and jumping at every opportunity i can. and being faithful the jesus has awesome plans for me. maybe tallahassee forever, maybe atl, maybe southWEST florida? who knows. only jesus. and that’s cool, cause we are amigos, and eventually he’ll fill me in on the details 🙂 I once heard someone describe it like this…. When you are little, you cry because you see a new toy and you want it. Your parents want to make you happy and they want to give it to you- but you just aren’t ready for it yet. Giving you the toy will probably cause you harm more so then you just being upset that you can’t have it. Jesus is the same way. He wants you to be happy, but he knows what will cause you more harm. So he’s saving us from that. He knows the bigger picture. and thank goodness, cause i sure as heck don’t want to have to have it all under control. mmm, life is sweet. so enjoy it!

ciao, for now!


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