it’s the most [[crazy]] time of the year…

I’ve been trying to update my blog for the past week and it just hasn’t happened. Now I don’t really have a good excuse except that my mind has a million thoughts racing through it, my family was in town for thanksgiving, the noles had to give the gators a beat down- which i of course had to attend, we have a huge event starting at work tomorrow, and since my sister was living in my room for the past week- I’ve seen ever sports game possible and watched espn a lot. Blogging just wasn’t going to happen. and now that i have a few minutes i don’t even know where to start! So, this may be long. or maybe i’ll split it up into multiple posts. who knows 🙂

First of all, a few weekends ago I got to celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite friends. It was so much fun! We went to eat at the red el. [[duh- i love it there]] and then headed over to the newly opened 5th ave tap room.  The band playing that night was a cover band called ‘exit 199’ Yes. exit 199 is not only a gateway to the beautiful tallahassee, but also a band. a good one! We LOVED their choice of music, and had a blast dancing ridiculously until the early morning. It was a sweet, sweet night with my friends!

That sunday we then had our annual younglife banquet! how fun to see so many new faces coming together to support the mission of younglife. i love being a part of the banquet. i really didn’t even have a lot to do this year- so i just enjoyed taking in the atmosphere. the location was beautiful, and everyone seemed the really enjoy being together and hearing about a mission that will impact teenagers lives forever. it surely impacted mine. who knew that in the summer of 2002 i would get on a bus- knowing almost no one on that bus and i would come back a changed person. it wasn’t an overnight change, and it wasn’t that my life was crazy pre camp and i gave it all up post camp, but my heart was changed. it still took a while for me to understand the greatness of what i heard at camp. i had been hearing about god for many years. but when i got to hear about jesus, and his earthly relationships, and his sacrifice for me, things changed. what a beautiful image. to know that i am loved more than i could ever imagine by the god of our universe. it seriously blows my mind. prayerfully it blows other people’s mind too. people with money. who want to donate to younglife so we can keep hanging out with our middle school + high school friends.

i also saw the new harry potter movie. not at midnight and there was no dressing up. so i am not like hardcore or anything. but i LOVED it. a few things that i felt were missing form the book, but overall- fabulous. j.k rowling is so freaking imaginative. i wish i had half of what’s in her mind. now i want to see it again. that’s how much i loved it. so any takers??

thanksgiving. my favorite holiday. came and went. i am lucky enough that my family drove to me! so nice. [[i’m sure it was all me + nothing to do with the uf @ fsu game]] we ate way too much food + did a very SMALL amount of black friday shopping. i mean there was no 4am line waiting or anything. we all enjoyed sleeping, then shopping. oh yes- we also got to eat my favorite thanksgiving day dessert. ice cream cake! you see when your birthday often falls on thanksgiving you almost always celebrate it that day. so peace out pumpkin + pecan pies, ice cream cake wins at the gill girls turkey dinner. my very favorite hlp also came for a little noles victory + hangout weekend. it was fabulous. she rocks! these past few weeks have just been so fun getting to spend time with my family + friends.

ok- all for now,



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