december first

yesterday was a perfect day. the weather was gorgeous…sunny, but cold [[since hello it is decemburrr]] i learned a sweet, new, corny joke [[sorry- that wasn’t it!]]- thanks to megwick.

“why were there only two doors on the chicken coop? cause if there were four it would be a chicken sedan!”

now i made the assumption that a coop [probably coup or something] is a two door car and i’ve heard of a sedan + it must have four doors. otherwise the joke doesn’t make sense. but if you know me, you’ll know that i know, nothing about cars. so i laughed, without really knowing. i know my friends have a maroon car, or a blue truck, or maybe a yellow xterra 😉 I really don’t care about cars. If you’ve heard my car stories you’d understand!

so back to december first. it should clearly be my favorite day of the year. or maybe second to thanksgiving, because 1) It’s the anniversary of Rose Park’s decision to NOT move her seat on the bus. Now she was not the first person to start standing up for equal rights- but she made a huge impact. i LOVE rosa parks. a lot. we would have been very good friends [i think]. Funny Story: i always really enjoyed learning about rosa parks growing up. somehow- i completely missed the fact that she was STILL ALIVE. she passed away october 2005. I was in college!!! what the heck? I obviously wasn’t paying attention in history, which is one of my favorite subjects. oh goodness- i’m not proud of that mishap, otherwise i would have taken a trip to hang with rosa p. oh well- for now i celebrate her on december 1st!

2) It’s the anniversary of Dr. Pepper‘s debut. Another fact about me. i love me some dr. P! if dr pepper was actually good for you, i’d drink it everyday. but i’d probably die if i did that. cause my teeth would rot. and fall out, and i’d have to live off smoothies. yum. or wait- that’d get old egh. so anyway. i love dr pepper. but i restrain myself from drinking it too much. so happy birthday dr pepper. i am so thankful for you!

3)it was tacky christmas explore. this doesn’t always occur on december 1st so this was just an addition to the awesomeness of 12.1.10. Also, i hate when people list things and stop at two. so i must have a three. we were all dressed in christmas swag and listened to christmas music. plus it was application day! yay new younglife leaders. so soon you will all be placed on teams. how exciting!

FOTHalalala is coming up on sunday. i’m pumped for that. if you’re around tallahassee you should come join us. lincoln high school 11am 🙂



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