ciao twenty-ten

january 3rd. 2011 is here my friends. at work i’ve been planning events for 2011 for months now, so the year hasn’t surprised me as much as other years. but it did get here in the blink of an eye. i jumped right in to my 101 in 1001- but now i’ve decided to take a few minutes to recap the bests of twenty ten. a little recap from each month…

january|| started my internship/last semester of graduate school. the people i worked with are amazing. i was [[super]] blessed by this internship. also learned the game high stakes. played at the hammonds house one night and laughed so hard my stomach hurt. that was a very funny + memorable night!

february|| i honestly cannot remember a specific highlight from february. i mean i’m sure something sweet happened. and i’m really sorry if that sweet memory concerned you. feel free to remind me of it. for now- let’s just say…all of february was awesome.

march||what i remember most about this march is that it was my first spring in twenty four years where i didn’t have a spring break! [[that’s right ages birth-five i’m sure my mom celebrated a spring break with me]] was that a highlight? not particularly, but it does mean that i’m growing up. eeek! i really didn’t care too much… plus I still took off half the week to go to orlando + do some sweet things. so form now on, i’m self declaring a spring break.

april|| i graduated from grad school! whaat? seriously- i never thought i’d go to grad school. but i did! and i kinda want to go back [again] my mom came up for a surprise graduation celebration and cooked my friends and i some delish food. such sweet memories.

may|| remember that sweet internship i had?!? yep- they offered me a job. talk about awesome. also traveled to colorado for frontier work week + the YL bike ride. i so enjoyed our afternoon in the park after a cancelled, because of snow, bike ride. oh- and i saw snow falling from the sky for the first time!

june|| i headed out to camp buckner for my assignment with younglives. it was crazy when i arrived. looooong hours of entering lots of information and making sure childcare arrives, and so do the mommas and their sweet babies. it was craziness, but so many sweet teen moms got to hear about jesus- so it was worth it. and i will never turn in a camp form late again. thanks camp admins for being awesome at your jobs.

july||i celebrated the 4th of july in atl with my hlp who recently moved out of our house while i was gone at camp! seriously, what a jerk. just kidding. i knew she was moving, and it was fun to go visit her in her new place and wear our red, white, + blue at a braves game. unfortunately, she did not realize that she could not bear to go on without me and move back to tally. so i am still visiting her in fabulous hotlanta. [[wth? why is it called that. it’s weird.]]

august|| my baby sister turned twenty-one this month. i had fun celebrating with her! she hates that i still think of her as my ‘little baby’ sister, but that’s what big sisters are for- duh. besides, she now lives like 4 hours away from me so i can’t even boss her around like i used to.

september|| lincoln younglife started back up. AMAZING, i’m blessed to be a part of a stellar team and we had 60+ high school friends at our first club. wow! || also- i went to a john mayer concert with my mom + sis. we spent a fun weekend in tampa just getting to hang out. and john mayer rocks. he might be a dirtbag, but he can still rock out on the guitar.

october|| my bff from growing up got married! i loved being a part of her special day. it was beautiful and i loved being a part of everything that went on that day. i also got to photograph the most adorable little kiddos one morning at the park. we had so much fun hanging out and playing. it was so fun to capture that morning.

november|| fsu beat uf. GO NOLES. such a fun game- but mostly fun because my mom + sis came to celebrate my birthday + thanksgiving with me. then we got to scalp them gators. so that was fab too! also, i celebrated my 24th bday with my friends. they made me feel so loved. i couldn’t ask for better friends. ps. let’s duplicate that night again, real soon.

december||so much family time 🙂 my mom would probably say not enough fam time, but i love that my job is somewhat on a “school schedule” so i had time to go home and hangout with my fam. Everyone should get a christmas break. like a long one. i’m lucky enough to get more than just a day or two! we also went to atlanta for new years to celebrate the NOLES winning the cfa bowl and twenty eleven making its first appearance. ||also, so many of my friends graduated from college this month. how fun for them! what a wonderful accomplishment||

okay. so those are my recaps. i am sure i left out tons of awesomeness that occurred in between all of those things, but for now that’s what stuck! adios twenty-ten and benvenuto to twenty-eleven. i am excited to see what you bring.


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