week[[end]] update

since i work for the state we had MLK day off! whoohoo! [[thanks friends who don’t work in public entities, you made my monday super enjoyable by staying open. Weekends normally fly by, as I’m sure you are all well aware. however, this weekend was perfect. Friday night I celebrated a sweet, sweet friend’s [Kelsey] birthday. I love making sure people feel loved on their birthdays, so I’m hoping she did!!

Saturday ak and I decided to jump into spring cleaning/organizing mode. it was GREAT. got rid of old clothes, shredded old papers, found some craft materials I forgot I still had, took down christmas decorations [yep-i’m totally that girl who’d leave them up till march if i had too] it was fabulous. That night I was able to spend some much needed time with one of my favorite people ever- LB, and checked off an item from my 101 list! We ate dinner at the Wine Loft, a restaurant in Tally that I’ve never been to. and by dinner I actually mean appetizer + dessert since we both ate a really late lunch. Our appetizer; tater tots. That’s right! who knew tots could be so fancy, and they were delish. Finished off with a lemon tart and some wine from our favorite countries [greece + italy] it was a picture perfect evening.

Sunday consisted of church [[always great, and we are reading through the Bible chronologically- yet another list item!]], then lunch with friends, crafts + movie watching. The night went down with dinner with my old friends, [[ok, we aren’t really old, but we are old compared to our other youngin college friends]] + nertz playing and picture taking. Such a sweet + needed friend time.

the first picture = the $$ shot. we thought up that awesomeness all on our own 🙂 picture #2 = what happens when you think throwing 5 decks of cards in the air is awesome [totally worth it] picture #3 casey’s crafty frame for pics idea. such fun!

Finally, Monday! [[see told you it was a long + perfect weekend] ak and I decided to hit up our beloved dunkin donuts. you see tally FINALLY got a d&d back and it’s on the side of town least convenient to anything we ever do. so after a specially organized trip to the north side of town, and after some delish d&d coffee we hit up an afternoon of shopping. This led to another 101 item being completed. I found this SUPER cute pillow at Target and said “I could totally make this” My fab roommate then suggested I actually do. Check out the finished product below- a fun vintage designed front [[a target table cloth]] and a 3D flowery back. Enjoy!


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