breakfast for dinner = brinner

i love breakfast.

so much that i think it should account for more than one meal. i had breakfast for dinner TWICE this week. oh yes- i lead such an exciting life. Well ak and I decided to start a little tradition. Breakfast for dinner on sunday nights! It’s so fun to catch up and enjoy a relaxing sunday evening to start out the week.

SO my sweet sweet friends Ben + Kam are getting married this spring, They’re colors are yellow + brown. SO FUN- so I decided to make an inspiration board with those colors. Honestly- I want spring to be here, soon. But, I’m trying to remember that I live in Florgia and winter will still prevail over the next few weeks. So the closest to spring I can get is some fun springtime wedding ideas. ENJOY!

1. I am so OBSESSED with these paper flowers. How stinking gorgeous are they??? and SO EASY to make… Directions [[here]]. So simple + stunning and posted on a fabulous wedding blog.

2. Mason jars. total wedding necessity [especially in the south] i just think this idea makes the perfect picture. The tree, candles, dessert table = perfection.

3. This whole wedding was absolutely creative! Board games were the theme and the yellow flowers are adorable…however I just love the cake stand/hanging name cards behind it. FAB!

4. I love prints, papers, + everything dealing with that! A very CUTE idea for a thank you and a little something, something at the table šŸ™‚

5. I would be in heaven to be able to have one LONG huge table at my reception. Super impractical! Ok so maybe two super long tables…..but it looks cheery, inviting, and had such a warm feel to it. Total love affair.

6.Yep. More mason jars. Who doesn’t want lemonade- especially at a yellow spring wedding. Cute, springy, and a cheap idea!

7. Lastly, sunflowers. To grow well sunflowers need total sun. Hence, SUNflower and HELLO perfect accessory to any Florida wedding. I think I’d arrange them a tad differently, but these centerpieces are still gorgeous. I love them. So y’all should too!

Ok- enough sunny, wedding fun for one evening. Hope you enjoyed some R+R on this wonderful almost spring weekend.



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