i <3[[heart]] mondays

you know it’s true. i say it every week.

If you’ve ever read blissfulb.blogspot.com you’ll notice she does a i heart mondays blog. I love it….and I’m starting my own I ❤ Mondays post.This one is starting on tuesday, because i was super busy yesterday + didn’t start it…but normally check out my i ❤ monday post!

i ❤ these












wooden wedding tags from [[wedzu]] they are adorable!!


I ❤ the thought of this










it makes me smile


i ❤ baking & need one of these












This one is from Martha Stewart


I ❤ ellen chandler + her song “boy like you”

[[listen here]]


super ❤ this dress from dELiAs












I will always ❤ this store + especially these


I ❤ this oversized artsy calendar that was on display in MOMA [[now they sell them. LOVE]]









I ❤ how delish this looks


I ❤ daydreaming + planning about going here


and finally I ❤ books + the look below 🙂









❤ y’all too!


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