i <3 Monday [[1.31]]

It’s back. get excited…. just a few little diddies that I’m in love with right now.

*I ❤ crafting! [[my friend casey sells her super cute crafts ||here|| on etsy! check them out. and buy some. everything is adorable! You might even find an ‘alyssa’ style 😉 ]]

*I ❤ these vintage inspired tea dresses [also from Etsy] a WHOLE lot. A tad too pricey for me, but super in love + looking for something like them!

*I ❤ these simple pieces + all the <3s! [[my fave is the second picture]]

*I ❤ this print and the story behind it [[it might become an addition to my house real soon]]

*I ❤ these supery cute hair pieces, and these. Definitely geared towards little girls… definitely would wear them myself [[yes, supery is a word in my world]]

*I’m ❤ ing this band + song

*Finally, I ❤ this group of people and that we get to share the gospel every monday night with our high school friends.












love ❤ love,



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