S’more what? We haven’t had any yet

Yesterday we got to celebrate my sweet friend Charlotte’s baby shower. Her little boy Mateo is arriving in March and will be welcomed into his new home by his very excited, and anxiously awaiting big brother + sister. Lucky for me, I was put in charge of favors for the shower. How Fun!! A few weeks earlier I had found this super fun recipe for homemade marshmallows. I know, I know, everyone wants to know why make homemade marshmallows when you can just buy a bag of puffiness from the story. Well , because it is fun and super easy! The first batch I tried to make was not the most successful [[probably because I was without a mixer]] but the batch I made this weekend= awesome. So I decide to make s’more kits for the favors. The tag on each read “One S’MORE Garcia is on his way, Thanks for celebrating this special day.” I just printed out the little sayings and stitched them to some blue card stock to attach to the bags…









Then with the help of my fab roommate + our friend beau, I put together these cute s’more packages complete with graham crackers,  mini Hersheys chocolate bars, a homemade marshmallow, and a recipe for the marshmallows- found [[here]], the only difference is I put them into a square pan to make them thicker and it worked so much better!












I think they turned out pretty great! It was a fun project for a rainy weekend 🙂



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