the weather has been gorgeous.

and one sure sign of its awesomeness is my lack [and my friends lack] of blogging. I mean there are a million different excuses reasons for my unattended blog, none very good, except for the fact that if you could choose the most perfect weather- it would be what’s in tally right now and I want to spend every free second enjoying it. TRUE STORY. Sunshine during the day, cool nights. ahhh, such bliss! Lame that I’m writing about the weather? nope. you can be jealous [totally allowed] I’m excited for tomorrow’s I ❤ Monday post, because it’s been a while…so lots of things I ❤ have been building up.

Friday night|| YoungLives had this awesome fundraiser. A bunch of local artists wrote songs based off of our teen moms stories. It was so cool! Their songs were amazing, and the following singer/band was fab… and the turnout was SUPER successful. I’m not sure if these girls have ever had a chance to hear their stories in such a positive, sincere light. People were cheering for their stories. How cool, right? Don’t we all love feeling valued? I loved looking around E3 and seeing so many different pieces of the tally community coming together to support these ladies/singers/stories. If anyone would like to write a song about me, you totally have my permission. [hint hint YoungLives Local Artists

After we heard from Royce Lovett who was the JAM. Seriously, his voice is enthralling. Loved him! Followed by the Sarah Mac Band, who are always great!

Followed by a much needed on-going adventure with friends, Friday night was a sweet, sweet night.

Saturday included so many things but the most important: Justin Bieber [the movie]. It’s true, I have Bieber Fever, and would love to work for him. It’s fab. Secondly, went bowling with some fellow Lincoln YL leaders…. awesomeness of course.

Ok- well sunday, so time for church & hopefully more of this awesome weather.




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