As I’m sure you’re well aware of by now, I’m ready for this warm [spring-ish] weather. Please don’t leave us!!

I’ve been on a baking kick lately and decided to put together a collection of cakes that I think would be great for any summer get together. From weddings, to BBQs I’m sure you’ll find something you must try πŸ™‚

Meringue Frosted Cake with Raspberry filling|| Putting fruit in cake = automatic summertime success. Recipe from Martha and can be found [here]












This totally gorgeous ruffle cake. Who even cares what flavor it is [i’d go with lemon] but decorate your cake with this ruffle pattern and it is sure to be a hit! [I’ll be trying this out real soon!] picture from Martha












Found this picture of a delicious looking pound cake [here] and it reminded me of Jamie’s pound cake. Maybe she’ll make some for me one day soon. It’s so good πŸ™‚ YUM! Add fresh strawberries and some whipped cream and it’s perfect for summer!











FOURTEEN layer cake. That’s right, 14 layers of awesomeness. I followed [this] recipe and made a 12 layer one…just as awesome, and a tad easier!












Cupcakes in a jar. Almost didn’t post these, because I want to make them for some of my friends real soon πŸ™‚ [I’ll be bringing these to the beach with me!] There’s a ton of recipes for them, I found the cute picture [here]












Lemon Ice Cream w/ Blueberry Swirl, heavenly. This looks so amazing. Check it [here]









Cherry Limeade Cupcakes. I love cherry limeades, not sure how these compare, but they look really cute!














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