life is busy

when the heck does it slow down? I’m pretty sure the answer is never. I’m okay with that- but it just means that there are 1,000 things that end up coming before my blog posts [[sleep, work, YL, websites, deadlines, friends, and so many other fabulous things]] oh well. Here’s some thing’s I’ve been in love with this week.


i love dancing. and this beautiful video [[MOVE]]

When I go to France one day I’m pretty sure I’ll take Jordan‘s advice and visit [[this]] place

I watched “The Romantics” last night + loved pretty much every outfit the gals in the movie wore. I also remembered Katie Holmes is fabulous. Her hubs is a little crazy, but her daughter is ADORABLE, and i still love Dawson’s Creek- so she’s always joey to me 🙂

I want to re-read the book “something borrowed” in anticipation for the movie coming out in May + I want to read The Help, Safe Haven, and want another sookie stackhouse book to come out!

[[this]] is ridiculous, but awesome!

wishing i could just go visit [this] museum

oh, and SO EXCITED for this movie. duh- it has my crunch RP.

more things soon. xoxo



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