I’ve been trying to cross things off my 101 list, so I figured it’s about time for an update!

START: January 1, 2011                                 END: September 28, 2013

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks/goals/challenges in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and represent “stretching.”

Why 1001 Days?
It’s all about a realistic deadline. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) allows you several seasons to complete tasks, which is better for organizing and timing things like overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Italicized- in the process of being completed

strikethrough- means completed

1. Do the morning boot camp workout [so early!!!!] at least one session of it [0/1]
2. drink only water for a week for 3 weeks [doesn’t have to be consecutive] [0/3]
3. Take my vitamins everyday for a month
4. Lose some LBs
5. run a 5k
6. work out every day for a month
7. walk to my mailbox [instead of stopping on my drive by] for one month
8. take a karate class and be one step closer to being Sydney Bristow
9. read 5 biographies/autobiographies of people I admire [0/5]
10. read 10 classics [1/10] *Jane Eyre
11. get a second masters degree
12. read 100 books [2/100] *Jane Eyre, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society,
13. Re read a book from high school that was required in an English class
14. Eat at 5 new restaurants in Tallahassee [3/5] *Wine Loft, Fuzions, Coosh’s,
15. Eat at 5 new restaurants outside Tallahassee [1/5] *Schooners [panama city beach]
16. do 20 things I haven’t done off this list 100 things to do in tallahassee
17. go to Europe
18. go to Alaska
19. go to NYC for new years
20. go to a state I’ve never been to
21. go on a spontaneous trip some place new
22. go skiing
23. see [another] broadway show [on broadway]
24. visit 5 museums I’ve never been to [0/5]
25. go wine tasting in Napa Valley
26. take a cooking class
27. go on a picnic
28. don’t eat out for two weeks
29. try ten foods I’ve never had [1/10] *Oysters,
30. start compiling all my fav recipes + create an organized way of viewing them
31. cook three meals a week at home for a month
32. Learn to make crème brulee
33. go apple picking
JESUS woo!
34. pray for one of FOTH’s missions trips/country every week
35. Read the whole bible [chronologically]
36. Memorize a verse every week for three months
37. invite + bring five high school gals to summer yl camp
38. support [shop] three local businesses every month for 5 months
39. only use reusable bags for 6 months
40. back up my computer at least once a month  [1/33]
41. get my website up and running [twenty-something three]
42. enhance my website skills
43. learn new photography tips + tricks
44. attend a MTH seminar
45. write a business plan
46. unsubscribe to all the websites I no longer read the emails from
47. Shoot pictures in the rain [buy some equipment to protect my camera first]
48. improve my illustrator skills
49. design a line a print/paper products [[stationary, postcards, etc]]
50. watch the lord of the rings movies [0/3]
51. watch season 1 of LOST [maybe the rest if I get hooked]
52. watch all the movies in my house that I’ve never seen [there’ quite a few, my roomie is ak]
53. make Allison watch Casablanca
54. make a list of everyone I want to send a bday card to in 2011, make and send them!! [Dad 1.14]
55. re decorate my bedroom
56. start to make a t shirt quilt w/ my YL shirts
57. create [at least] 4 photobooks with pics from the past 5 years [0/4]
58. make a coffee table book filled w/ original pics
59. when I say “I could make that for cheaper” do it!! [3 different times] [1/3] *pillow
60. paint 4 new pictures [0/4]
61. send handmade Christmas cards [0/2]
62. pay off ¼ of my student loans
63. stay debt free [minus my student loans] for all of these 1001 days
64. go one week without spending any money
65. go to a spa for the day with my bffs
66. buy a bookshelf [[a large ikea like one]]
67. buy a new car
68. get a massage
69. splurge on a dress that makes me feel fabulous
70. take a day off for no apparent reason
71. Learn how to put on makeup [mostly eye shadow] from a professional
72. get my own library card [[instead of using jamies]]
73. go on a date
74. make a list of top ten jobs I would love to have
75. meet 5 new friends who are in the same stage of life as me [0/5]
76. make a “bucket list”
77. frame my diplomas
78. learn a new skill
LOVE myself + others
79. identify 25 things I love about myself
80. identify 10 things I dislike about myself + change them
81. smile at every person I see for a week
82. Give a 100% tip
83. Do an anonymous favor
84. volunteer somewhere [besides YL] 2 times a month
for a year [0/24]
85. send cds with my fav songs [at the time] to random friends
86. have a girls weekend with my friends from high school
87. Send someone flowers for no reason!
88. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
89. don’t say anything sarcastic for an entire week
90. write a hand written letter once a month
91. be jamies roommate again [she suggested this one ;)]
92. go to 4 concerts [0/4]
93. Go to the opera or ballet
94. Go camping [at least 2 times] [0/2]
95. Go ballroom dancing
96. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day
97. buy a newspaper every Sunday for six months
98. organize + play a game of man hunt
101 in 1001
99. blog about all my 101 experiences
100. donate $2 for every goal not completed to FOTH
101. make a new 101 in 1001 list!



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