Rapunzel + Rumpelstiltskin were two fairy tales i LOVED while growing up. I think we had movies or a book or something about them… or maybe
I just heard them somewhere else and fell in love.

Last night I watched the movie “Tangled” which is a newly released “Rapunzel.” It was perfect! SUPER, super funny. Isn’t it awesome when animated movies are written to make adults laugh! The humor was perfect and the two main actors in the movie where favorites of mine! Mandy Moore was Rapunzel [and I LOVE her. In acting, singing, whatever- she’s awesome] “Flynn Rider” was voiced by Zachary Levi who is my latest celeb crush. Great voice, very cute, LOVES Jesus [the for real kind- not just the to make himself look good kind], ahhh LOVE. Anyway- if you’re looking for a really cute + funny feel good movie. Watch Tangled. I was more than impressed with it!

Loving [[THIS]] new video

If I was going to be in town for the royal wedding weekend, I’d throw a viewing party. We’d most definitely have [these] and it would probably be a tea party 🙂 I’m mean hello. The Royal fam loves tea parties.

[[THIS]] is SO cool 🙂 beyond cool!

mmmkay- just a little fun for Friday!



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