The Royal Wedding countdown is on. [[If you are unaware of this, then most likely you’ve been living under a rock, and subsequently aren’t reading my blog anyway]] I, confession time folks, have been relentlessly following all the royal wedding hype. I even watched the very horribly made lifetime movie “William + Kate.” It was very, very bad, but I kept watching hoping a glimpse of good would enter. Nope. Don’t watch it. If we’ve ever hung out you know I am slightly in love with weddings and have been to my fair share. SO- I have LOVED all this anticipation building up for this royal affair. HELLO friends. History in the making!! I also love history and the last royal wedding was exactly 4 months [to the day] before my birth. Therefore, I feel entitled to watch this historic event! *Ok, actually there were two other royal weddings since my birth but they were for the Princess of Sweden and the Prince of Norway- yea who cares. We are talking Westminster Abbey people [or St. Paul’s Cathedral!]!

So- the dress, the decorations, vows, royal stuff. Can’t wait to see it all. I’ll be driving to Nashville tomorrow or I would throw a fun little brunch/viewing party for my friends. Unfortunately our viewing shindig will have to wait until the next royal wedding. Don’t worry- James and I will be awake in the wee morning hours to indulge in our own version of the royal wedding, maybe mimosas to celebrate? More royal wedding love to come next week I’m sure.

Yes friends. You heard correctly, Nashville- I will be running a 1/2 marathon this weekend. How will I feel afterwards? Probably a little tired/sore/like death[?]- BUT it’s the country music 1/2 marathon so I’ll have sweet jams to accompany me throughout the whole run. I’m also excited to explore nashville. My 101 list includes a 5k, but I’m thinking a 1/2 marathon would be an ok substitution 😉 I’m skipping the 5k and going straight for the 13.1 miles.

So Princess Kate, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous tomorrow morning. Way to get married on a Friday; totally classy + unique. Also, thanks for not getting married any earlier- because then I’d be watching your wedding on Thursday- or quite possible sleeping through it and catching the re runs later that day. I wonder if Kate and Will hired a videographer? It’s not like any second of the day will be missed with hundreds of media reporters there. I would definitely make them a copy of their wedding from my DVR’d version if they want. Just to save a few bucks… I mean Kate’s been staying in an $8,000/night penthouse this week. If I tried to use American taxes for that people would freak out! Guess I’ll have to marry a prince. Harry?? How do you feel about Florida? I mean you are just the back up, right? 😉

ciao friends, enjoy the royal wedding weekend!


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