mondays are good days.

Y’all know I love Mondays! They’re always so productive + happy 🙂

Today is my 1/2 birthday, which was not on my radar- but I did get a surprise dropped off at work for me today from my sweet, sweet sister and mom. Technically, it was from my cat and K’s cat too- but I’m not sure they really had much part in the planning. So a sweet little package was dropped off to me via my good friend casey 🙂

What a sweet little fam I have 🙂 Its always a good day when someone goes out of their way to make you feel special! Below are some links to things that I think are totally awesome and creatively inspiring. ENJOY!

[[These]] guys are SO Talented! Make sure you watch the “behind the scenes” videos too!

The title of [[this]] post is so true. Plus here’s a cheap/quick DIY for cake bunting

If you are a lover of photography you’ve probably already fallen for Jeremy Cowart’s stuff. Check out his TED talk [[here.]] Check out the other TED talks too. They are mind boggling. I’m super nerdy so I watch them ALL THE TIME! Very inspiring!

ok just a few more in case you’re hooked like I am….

Jessica Jackley || JR || Mike Rowe – this last one is a little gross, be warned

Be Inspired + do something creative 🙂



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