Photog Challenge [[10 days away]]

Hey Y’all!

So for reals. In 10 days be ready to start snapping pictures. I’ve updated the photography Challenge list for a few reasons 1] I want anyone to participate- so you can do these tasks with a point + shoot, a DSLR, an iphone camera or a disposable one. I’m not worried about your picture quality- just getting to experience life with you through pictures, and when we’re all done I can have a sweet little picture book to look back on. LOVE πŸ™‚ 2] I like making things my own, new design, new items= fab. 3] I just didn’t want to do some of them. Holler. OK. So for reals if you’re reading this then you should be joining me. It’s true. What to do with the pics during/after the month of July? A few options… a] post them to your own blog and/or facebook page. b] email them to me each day/week and I’ll keep track of them potential blog about them. c] Collect them during july and then send all of the final ones to me august first and I’ll go from there. Totally up to you! I’m so very excited to see a month through y’alls eyes. How fun! No pressure if you miss a day, or forget to post a pic. Just catch up when you get a chance. BUT- try to make some time each day to fit in a pic, it’s no fun to try and squeeze them all in on the last week. I’m helping you with time management too- you can thank me later. So whether we chat everyday or we haven’t talked in a while…. feel free to join in! I’m excited to spend a month snapping away.


2 thoughts on “Photog Challenge [[10 days away]]

  1. Haha I love the time management part!! OK so I know I said I couldn’t do this because im out of town for a month but I realized I TOTALLY can! I take a gazillion a day. I’ll probs send you all at end with a few peppered in between then for funsies! Love you ag!

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