peaches & cream

“Life is better than death, I believe, If only because it is less boring and because it has fresh peaches in it.” -Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker was a Dr and explorer in the mid 1700s. Probably most well known for being Thomas Jefferson’s guardian after his father passed away. Althoguh we may not have much in common- I like his apparent love of peaches. Sadly enough when I was doing a little research on peaches [you’ll understand why in a few] some of the top hits were a quote by Pauly D. After a quick google search on Pauly D [lame, i know. I was 99% sure he was the jersey shore guy, but just in case] I was a little sad that in all the relevant google searches to peaches. A random and unqualified quote from a crazy jersey shore character came up on my searches. Dear america, please stop watching this ridiculous show! oh lord. Ok, I’ll admit I’m sure I watch my fair share of less than stimulating tv- but oh goodness jersey shore seems like the worst.

Anyway… I’ve had a hankering for anything peach lately. So I’ve been putting together some of my favorite peach items to share! Happy Friday y’all! Enjoy something peachy this weekend 🙂

*homemade peach ice cream. YUM! I’ll be making some of [this] soon.

*Peaches and Cream popsicles. Oh my [these] looks amazing.

*Grilled peaches. [lovely]

*This is [always] in my fridge!

*Blueberry [Peach] Muffins.

*Pie. with [Peaches]. I’m sure this is delicious.

*and some beautiful [peach] and teal bedding from

*this isn’t peach, but it is [adorable] and would look fab with something peachy like [this]

okay, now i’m going to eat some peaches!


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