sour then sweet

Sour Patch Kids.

That’s right. I’m slightly addicted. Luckily, I rarely give into my love affair with SPK, but when a huge bag of them are on sale at Target for $3, no one can resist. Tonight my beautiful roommate ak and our fiend beau and I took a quick little trip to Thomasville to pick up some [not sold in florida] beer and eat dinner at Jonah’s. A delish little [seriously like 10 tables] southern style cafe. It was amazing, as always and an all around great evening. I’m so lucky to live so close to a quaint little town like Thomasville. On the way back we were all snacking on these delicious sour gummies and I was sincerely trying trying to tell my friends how these sour patches were much smaller than normal ones. For reals, this might not seem important, but these gummies were not the normal size. After contemplating their actual height I looked at the bag for any clues as to why they might be smaller than normal. Subsequently, I responded with the following… “Oh, these are Sour Patch KIDS. That’s why they are smaller.” Yup. Apparently I saw the word kids, and thought to myself SMALL. I mean it’s a fabulously correct correlation, however if you are even the slightest bit familiar with SPK’s you’ll know the normal ones are all SP KIDS. Oh and I should mention these guys were totally normal sized. Maybe it’s because beau is giant sized and he made them look smaller? MaybeI was having a major crazy moment or something. We all spent the next 5 minutes laughing hysterically at my so matter of fact statement. I really thought I was on to something. It definitely made for good laughs. This wouldn’t be my first really smart statement. If you’ve never heard my story about a place that lets you borrow books [aka library] ask me to share one day. Quite a winner!

I like to consider myself a fairly smart lady- but love the chance to laugh at myself during moments like these. More importantly, I’m excited for this weekend. A chance to spend time with my mom + sister, celebrating our country’s independence day! [or just as importantly, c+j’s anniversary] I’m jealous that they live so close to one another and get to see each other so often! That’s what I get for choosing the school only 30 minutes from Georgia. Fireworks, Farmer’s Markets, Pictures, so many of the things I love crammed into a fabulous holiday weekend.

On an un-related note. I need to stop reading this blog i love about kate middleton’s wardrobe. She is gorgeous and so stylish! And although her clothes seems quite inexpensive for a duchess- they are most definitely out of the price range for an event coordinator. Yes, yes, i know. You may be surprised that my job doesn’t bring in the big bucks. I mean I do work a countless hours ensuring your every detail is hashed out and properly coordinated so that the day of your event is stress-free and leads to an impeccably successful event. Regardless of my paycheck, unless Kate is going to pass along her threads when she’s done with them. I probably won’t be dawning any of her high fashions. So Kate, after you read this post [cause you obviously read my blog] know i love your style, and i think you make a fabulous duchess. Oh, and i’d also love if you’d send me a few of your favorite dresses. Just to bring the states up to speed on your ADORABLE fashion looks. Thanks 🙂



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