My sweet granny  passed away just two weeks ago and let me tell you she was AMAZING.

First amazing thing she did [that I know of, cause let’s face it she was around a long time before I was here] Had my mom! She was told she couldn’t have kids, then one day during her early forties SURPRISE. My precious mom was born. So the fact that she got to see my Mom grow up, have kids who grew into their 20s. amazingness. She was money savvy, resourceful, respectful of everyone, a great friend, a wonderful mother and grandmother and so in love with Jesus!

She was my sis and I’s #1 babysitter… and she was the best. She laughed at our not-at-all funny jokes, She watched our endless productions of Disney movies [seriously we did so many!] We would dance to her crazy latin music, she let us eat ice cream every time we visited her, we got to play at the park across from her house, she had this funny bird who would peck our hands, she would make me cheese + olive sandwiches, she got excited when we gave her a letter opener for Christmas and so much more. Growing up during the depression gave her such a simple view on life. She never asked for more than she needed, she didn’t keep useless stuff, or buy useless things. She kept heartfelt letters, valued phone conversation with her friends and family, and a few years ago my sis and I taught her to use the wii. That was a real funny Christmas! I am thankful for the values she instilled in my mom [who is the best mom I could ask for , I’m not being biased either!] I saw what true friendship meant, how much she loved my momma, how she lived to glorify God, and just a wonderfully caring person. I could honestly write on and on about my sweet granny, but I’d probably cry- and make my momma cry more. [sorry i know you are!] So really I just hope she knows how loved, and adored she was by all of us. We told her she was the best granny ever- so I am sure she knew. I’ll miss her lots [and lots], but I know she lived a truly fulfilling and happy life, and now she’s resting with her precious hubs and our sweet, glorifying Jesus.


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