Photo Challenge [Mom part one]

I know, I know. I go on and on about completing this photo challenge and then what? I post nothing. The easy excuse, I was busy. That’s actually they only excuse you’re getting….. July 25- August 14th have been beyond crazy. I’ve traveled, been getting ready for school to start [now my own duh- but I do work at a University and my YL school] So it’s been insane. I went to YL Camp [more on that to come] IT was AWESOME… and so now you get to see the first Photo Challenge Collection. My Momma’s. Of Course she would have it all done and turned in first. She’s fabulous like that. So check out her pics Days 1-10.

1. Hottie Mom- Duh 2. It was 4th of July Weekend- So her Red, White, + Blue 3. Clouds [in Orlando I think] 4. Green Eyes 5. From a High Angle [in Tampa] 6. From a low angle [Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete- one of my FAVORITE places ever] 7. Fruit 8. A bad habit? Controversial, I wouldn’t say hers is bad 🙂

9 and 10 get special attention. 9 SOMEONE YOU LOVE. My granny, who raised my Mom for the first part of her life in NEW ORLEANS, hence number 10. A Childhood Memory.

Days 11-20 coming tomorrow!


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