Thanksgiving + Organization!

Is over. But I definitely think if I had to rank holidays it would be #1. It’s my fav. The fact that there’s a holiday just for giving thanks, and to celebrate we get to eat lots of food makes me smile. I also don’t care about losing sleep to stand in line at walmart to buy $2 Dvds. Oh well. Maybe one day [but probably not] So Thanksgiving is lovely. I also love being organized. And when Thanksgiving hits I feel like I get to organize my life for the rest of the year. To Do lists, Christmas lists, New 2012 lists Ahhh LOVE lists! Is it real nerdy that I’m a little bit in love with this scanner? It would make organizing so easy. Actually, it would make getting rid of paper and making them pdfs so easy! I don’t need that- but I do need to get my printer working. That’s on my To Do [soon] list. Plus, my printer has a scanner- so voila. What makes me feel most unorganized. JUNK mail and emails. Like nobodies business. So here are some tips I’ve picked up that make me a lot happier! a] I have an email only for coupons, subscriptions, etc etc. I don’t have it turned on in my phone and I only check it once a day [or every other day] Then- if there’s a super great coupon I’ll be using soon I print it if necessary, or email it to my main email account- screen shot it on my phone and save it to be scanned when needed. I love having an iphone and being able to scan coupons from it. Life changing! b] I registered for and it drastically cuts down on the crap sent to you in the mail! I only did the online 5 years registration because, well honestly if I had to mail it I probably would procrastinate. Heavenly! c] Go Paperless! with whatever you can. I don’t get bills in the mail. Then I don’t have to file them [less clutter] and i always have a record of them. Holla. d] Unsubscribe to the emails that you don’t read. I would get so many coupons/tips/etc emails that i wouldn’t ever read any of them! If I don’t read them, and don’t use the coupons they send. I unsubscribe. Makes my inbox SO much happier. A lot of websites have an options to receive “less” emails, or a monthly summary of their weekly blasts. That’s a great options too! e] Clean my purse out OFTEN. I try to keep my purse clear of clutter. If my purse has random junk in it, my ind usually has random junk in it. Someone told me having an organized car makes your life feel simpler, but never in my life [of having a car] has it been organized so no idea what they are talking about! My mom’s car is spotless, and she’s pretty organized so maybe they’ve got something going for them. I will never know 😉


Now I just feel pretty organized talking about organizing!

That’s all for now, but I am going to try and start posting my I ❤ Monday posts again. So look back on Monday for the things I’m crunchin on lately!!





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