i <3 Mondays.

Mondays = most productive days. I Love them!

Except I’m feeling a little sick/tired today. Probably because of my lack of sleep, and excess of work. 72 hours in one week! Goodness, I’m ready to Christmas break 🙂

Hanging out with friends, Winter Festival with lights, crazy dancing, good food, crème brûlèe, Christmas decorations, lots of coffee, sweet roommate, good friends, White Christmas, and probably a lot more I’m not remembering! Enjoy some of these favorite things I’m loving this week.

I’ve been getting super cute ideas for gift wrapping… like this, and this one,  and these cuties! So fun! I will be wrapping all my gifts with kraft paper. I like the simple, clean look!

TO be honest I have yet to read this blog, but it captured my attention with some gorgeous photos. It’s on my to do list…enjoy!

I know have the duvet cover below: It makes my room so happy, and my bed wonderfully restful! And neems is addicted to it! [from urban outfitters]


In LOVE with Kate spade and this adorable phone case

Looking for a cute denim button up like this which then means I’ll probably want a yellow skirt to go with it 😉

and finally…I pinned THESE on my pinterest a while ago and have had the most overwhelming response of repins ever. So I’m guessing people think they are cute!

Happy Monday Y’all!


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