a kid in a candy shop.

i love school supplies.

well really I just love school. annoying isn’t it. To be friends with that person who can’t get enough of school. Probably why I work at a university. I can’t get away!! Which means anything to do with organizing, new notebooks, pretty pencils, tape dispensers, fancy staplers, etc etc makes me happy. At work I’m always organizing and reorganizing our office and constantly re-organizing how I organize my events. Although side note- I got a new job {SUPER PUMPED, more to come about this later] and so now my desk looks like a hurricane hit it. And then a tornado blew by. Files everywhere. Only 4 more days in my old office so I have to try and get everything handed off to my current co workers [sorry about that peeps]

The moral of this story: This product line will be HEAVENLY. Martha + Avery Labels. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be labeling my new office with some of these pretties. Check them out here!

happy day friends!


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