St. Arbucks or Valentine- Whichever You Fancy!


Starbucks Anxiety.

Do you get it? Oh, I do. I am a connoisseur of the iconic coffee shop. It’s true- the baristas know me when they see my smiling self enter their premise. I’m not one of those people who have a “regular” though. I like to mix it up… and if you frequent any Starbucks you will know that with each season a new flavor is upon us. So I must take many things into account, and it is stressful. Hot? Cold? Is it PSL [pumpkin spice latte] season? Is the treat receipt in effect? So many options and so little time. What’s a girl to do? I usually know I want Starbucks and then upon walking up to the barista remember that I have to make about 1,000 decisions as to what type of coffee I want. I panic, and don’t want to hold up the line because hello… people who don’t have coffee in hand are grumpy!! I mean I do have the Starbucks app so that shaves a good 52 seconds off my in line time. More time to think… then I end up spouting off the first thing that comes to mind. Did I want an iced drink if its 20 degrees outside? Should I have asked for non-fat [please]? Luckily I like about 90% of the items at Starbucks, so its almost never a disappointment. Last night, I was hanging out with some of my very favorite people and we were discussing Starbucks. [yes, yes, our conversations range around very intellectual things- be jealous.] She was mentioning how she is a novice coffee drinker [college will win over the most avid non coffee drinkers] and how every time she orders a drink it’s like meeting a blind date. She rambles off familiar words such as mocha or latte, grande or tall- but really is playing the russian roulette of coffee. We were laughing because she ordered a frappuccino hoping to receive a toasty drink to warm her insides + to her disappointment was handed a frosty, milkshake-like drink to then venture outside with. With freezing hands, and a cup of coffee flavored snow in tow she drank her Starbucks proudly as if she 100% knew what she had requested. We laughed and I immediately told her she would be the victim of a blog post [too nerdy?] and then I told her I would make her a Starbucks-for-Dummies review sheet. I mean everyone should love the Bucks like I do! This is by no means even close to the goodness that a Starbucks barista can produce, but for a beginning Starbucks lover it will work just find. So enjoy sweet friends!

Frappuccino: the coffee milkshake
Latte: hot drink, usually sweet + flavored
Iced Latte: the hot drink with ice cubes in it- so now its cold. Liquid-y, no milkshake action here.
Caramel Apple Cider: A delsih non-coffee go to drink for the fall + winter months
These four drinks will get you everything you need.

Go to all around Favorite Drinks: Toffee Nut Latte. It’s never on the menu- I actually ordered it once and then it took me MONTHS to figure out what it was… Luckily we were reunited into toffee nut bliss. It’s sweet enough that you don’t need to add anything, but not so sweet that you feel like your drinking dessert. [some may disagree, but i’m a fan of sweeter coffee] It’s offered year round, and it always tastes delish. If it’s hot out then order an Iced Toffee Nut Latte. mmm. Just as good! Caramel Frappuccino. Bam! The best iced coffee goodness out there. It’s almost like a non coffee drink from Starbucks. Caramel goodness in a frothy milkshake form. Passion Fruit Iced Tea Lemonade. What? Yup. Not coffee, just LOVELINESS. I order mine sweetened. [see a trend here?] It’s my sis’ favorite drink, and I love it as well! Fruity goodness from the ‘bucks. Also the only thing I will ever order in a Venti… and not very often. I can’t imagine consuming every calorie for the day in one drink- so I stick to tall and grande 🙂

Seasonal Favorites: Pumpkin Spice Latte. On September 1st you can find me driving up to the closest Starbucks to get my favorite PSL. Yum! If you like pumpkin you will love this. [I guess you might want to like coffee too ;)] Peppermint White Mocha Latte. The worst thing you could put into your body during the Christmas season, but oh so good! I read somewhere about the amount of sugar in the drink. I will not disclose, but forget I mentioned that cause it’s REALLY GOOD. I don’t really like chocolate [crazy i know!] so you must order the White Mocha in my opinion- but if you’re an avid chocolate lover than the plain ole Mocha might be a gem for you! Even though my roomie thinks I’m ridiculous I can 100% drink coffee for dinner. Or eat ice cream. mmm- I try to eat healthy most days so don’t judge… therefore when I’m short on time this fantastically horrible for you but deliciously tasting coffee drink is enjoyed on various pre christmas evenings. You can get a frappuccino version too.. [[That’s like a coffee milkshake]] BLISS.

So I hope you are all feeling LOVED today. I sure am + I have a few sweet surprises left up my sleeve… Luckily one of them includes a stop by Starbucks. Unluckily, a few of them won’t arrive until tomorrow… the post office and I were not friends this February season. If you have any Starbucks favorites I should try let me know!!

Happy Balumtine’th Day Y’all!

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