I really enjoy golf. I don’t know when that started… Do my mom and sister like golf? No clue [do y’all?] But I love watching The Master’s. Something so mesmerizing about it all. I love watching Tiger, I hate thinking how he need to add some money to a certain jar in my house, [more on this another day] but hey whatevs. He’s freaking awesome at golf. I like playing golf too, but I don’t play often enough to be consistently good(?) I am real good at missing the ball the first few swings, eventually I catch on!

Furthermore, if you have the name Bubba and win The Masters you are the Jam. And probably all those people in high school who made fun of you, are trying to tell all their current fake friends that y’all were super tight besties back then.

Also, it apparently takes winning The Masters to make sweet YouTube videos that you create in your spare time “cool.” It’s fine. I’m not jealous or anything, but I have some pretty rad YouTube videos myself. I think Bubba and I would make a pretty great team. Watch out double dream hands!

Tonight I’m heading to the FSU vs UF baseball game. I really enjoy watching FSU be awesome. However if I could make baseball a bit more exciting I totally would. Just a few suggestions that could maybe be implemented during next years season…

1) Hurdles before each base!? I mean I can run in a straight line for a short distance and no one considers me to be a NCAA/Professional athlete.

2) Maybe after they hit the ball they have to put their head on the bat and spin 5 times before running to first base? I’ve seen it before. It makes for good tv 😉

3) Unlimited free ice cream. Hello, why do you think so many people love Jason’s Deli. For their organic salad bar? I mean that’s why I go… I usually don’t even remember the ice cream [probably since I eat it before my food even comes out]

4) The outfielders have to be on stilts for one or two innings. Maybe I’m confused because the FSU circus is so close.

5) Cartwheels are mandatory from 3rd base to home after the 7th inning (I mean I’m letting them stretch first)

Ok. Ok. I usually enjoy baseball without those things, but I’d maybe even watch an inning or two on tv if they considered a few of my thought worthy suggestions!!!


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