Summer Olympics

I like the Olympics. A. Lot. I mean let’s be real. Who doesn’t love at least one aspect of the Olympics. I’m pretty sure if I had a bucket list going to the Olympics would be close to the top! [Along with going to Italy + Greece, writing a book, and maybe skydiving… I’m really indifferent about the whole skydiving. I think it we’d be SO FUN. But then if I died while skydiving I’d feel like an idiot cause that was 100% avoidable. Actually, I guess I technically wouldn’t feel anything, but you get my point.] So, THE OLYMPICS. Last time the summer Olympics were on my friends and I hosted our own Olympic games in our house. Super fun. If you’re feeling jealous it’s okay. Totally normal reaction. It was the Jam. TWO summer Olympics ago, Hurricane Charley had just ripped through my hometown and we were without power, on a town curfew and using our little generator + rabbit ears to get 2 TV stations. One which was showing the OLYMPICS. It was actually really fun! So when I saw this sweet little commercial it made me smile. It’s all about the Olympics and moms. Which are two of my favorite things. [side-note: mom I like you MORE than the Olympics. Just to be clear] Y’all will probably like this video too, Enjoy!

So technically when the Olympics start I’ll be at Sharp Top Cove with my high school friends…. But I’ll DVR the opening ceremonies and pretend they actually start 4 days later 🙂 Fingers crossed nothing too exciting happens before I get back… Minus the obvious excitement of people winning an Olympic medal 😉

I also think it’s quite funny how we all become Olympic connoisseurs. Obviously since I took gymnastics for over 8 years I know what a perfect vault, floor, and beam routine should look like. And since I’ve watched the Olympics many times I can tell when running a relay race who is most likely going to win. Then I start to choose people based on ridiculous means…. Well she does have a really cool hairstyle and she did that sweet layout step out, so that chick should win the floor competition. Ever seen the movie “Stick it?” I’d imagine real life gymnastics is pretty much like that. I mean Nastia Liukin was in that movie….

2012 Gymnast Contenders that I’m pumped about:

1. Alexandra Raisman- She’s awesome on the floor [which is my favorite event] and she’s really great at Beam [2nd fav] I’m hoping she makes an appearance.

2. Mackenzie Caquatto- She went to UF [whose gymnastic team is awesome, next best choice since FSU doesn’t have a team] So I’m rooting for her, and I’m pretty sure her little sis might qualify too. I’m sure that’d be awesome.

3. Alicia Sacramore- Don’t know too much about her, but watched her at the 2010 Worlds. She rocked… So hopefully she recovers from her recent injury in time.

4. Shawn Johnson- Can she make a comeback after being one of the most well known gymnasts at the last Olympics!? And then she won Dancing with the Stars- so she’s like a quadruple threat or something 😉

5. Nastia Liukin- I want to watch her on bars again. She was super awesome, and was the silver medalist. Sweet.

Ok, enough about the Olympics… If you want to watch them this July/August, they will for sure be on our TV every night.

Peace, Love, & Olympics,


One thought on “Summer Olympics

  1. Lets hope we don’t have to unplug the fan to plug in the TV and position the bunny ears to get a good connection =] oh Charley ❤

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