East Coast Love.

Confession Time. 

I think I’m an East Coast Snob. Did you know these exist? Well, I might be the first of a new population or something. Or maybe there’s a support group out there that can help me work out my issues. Who knows. I live in Florida. Obviously the best state ever. Grew up here, reside here, Love it here! Technically, I currently reside in Floriga. That’s right- a sweet little town that’s closer to Georgia then it is to the beach, and full of southern charm, men that hunt, and seersucker in the summer. So I refer to it as Florgia. My mom always told me growing up that I should know HOW LUCKY I am to live in Florida. She said, some people save their money their whole lives to retire and move to Florida, and I get to live here ALL. THE. TIME. Out of all those people who save their money, I’m pretty sure 97% of them actually moved to my hometown. For reals. There are more nursing homes, and retirement communities than anything else. Stores in our mall can’t stay open for anything, but I’ve never seen a sign saying that the BINGO hall was closed. So yes, I’m super lucky. I live in the sunshine state! [Although lately, it should more accurately be called the thunderstorms from 1pm – 6pm state] Maybe that was a little too wordy. Either way, I’m a lucky duck. Soaking in the East Coast, and clearly knowing it’s the best coast. That’s right. I said it. BEST COAST.
When I think of the West Coast this is what comes to mind. Cali, tofu, Hollywood, beach babes with blonde hair, surfing, rainy seattle, mountains, star sightings, seals on the boardwalk, snow, people who eat real healthy and work out all day [how do they make money??] ski trips [is colorado considered west coast? I don’t think so, but it’s west of me. So yes, it is.] long flights, cold water, convertibles, and skateboard competitions [Did you ever see the Disney Channel classic “Brink”?] Weird huh. Ok, ok- I’ll admit. I’ve been to the West Coast numerous times. I loved it! I mean I don’t want to marry it or anything, but a little vacay now and then is totally wonderful. And you know what, people could probably take that list I just rattled off and say the same thing about the East Coast. Or more specifically Florida. Minus a little snow, and Hollywood 😉
I never really thought twice about living west of the Eastern time zone until my BFF moved to Nashville. Yep, only one hour difference. But dang it’s annoying. I’ve learned to navigate this one hour thing, but for work she travels a lot. So I’ve been figuring out the whole West Coast time zone, Alaska time zone [so cool, right?!?] and other time zone differences. I’m used to LIVE shows starting at 9pm here so they aren’t starting at noon on the West side. I actually forget that a ‘LIVE’ showing of something means that the West Coast is seeing it 4 hours earlier in their day. Such a inconvenience. Plus my family lives on the East Coast. So calling them would be complicated for me. Especially since I love me some phone conversations. Dang, making things about me much?! I like that NYC or DC or ATL are just a short plane ride away. That our Nation’s capital and I are on the same time sched. That I can technically leave early in the morning fly to NYC spend a whole day their, leave really late and fly back south…all in a day’s time. LOVE. Cause, yes my glamourous life allows for me to fly ever so often to NYC for the day. Don’t be jeal 😉
[PS. Did you get confused with all the interchanging of live & live in that last paragraph? Me too! If not, well then your grammatical skills are far superior to mine. Good job! Sorry the English language is cray, cray and ‘m not in the mood to find a suitable synonym.]
I pretty much assume that everything revolves around the East Coast. I mean I didn’t realize that I assumed this, but apparently I do. Hello, Columbus discovered our side first. We have history, and a rock to show for it! It gets cold and you get to wear scarves and boots, but by the time you’re sick of them it’s warm again! Only to start hating on the heat. Bam, we’re back to the Fall. Great job Mother Nature! That the ball dropping in NYC is clearly the actual beginning of the REAL New Year and everyone else is just a tad slighted out of real life cause they have to wait a few extra hours [or started celebrating too early]. We can walk places, take trains to the next city, visit the mountains and the beach all in the same day [i think they can do this too]. Plus, none of us live in a desert [Sorry folks, 100 degree weather with 500% humidity is not the desert when you have the beach in sight. None of this “we have a dry heat crap.” We have water!] Now I try not to flaunt the awesomeness of the East Coast, cause that would just be rude, but lets be real folks. Our side rules. Your side drools. Ok, maybe I should have written this as a “Why I love the East Coast” post instead of a “Why we are far superior” post, but please. What fun would that be? 😉 I’m just feeling blessed to call myself an east coaster. Even more so one who resides in the south! But that my friends, is a whole other post for a whole other day.
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