Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Baaaack.

Trying to make a comeback y’all! I’ve been a bit tired of blogging. And using my computer outside of work… My new job takes more brain power and computer time- so I needed a break. But I missed blogging! So I’m a making time for it again. [[hopefully]] We will see how long I last. I think it’s sometimes hard for consistently write on my blog cause I’m thinking to myself: “AG, what the heck is your blog about??” And I really don’t know. It doesn’t have a certain purpose except to foster my creative writing skills and allow me to write about things I enjoy. Which is fine, I’m not getting a grade or anything, it doesn’t have to have a specific purpose. I also 100% believe that y’all is allowed to be in my blog. So I’ll write with proper grammar + a lot of y’alls. I do, subsequently, love throwing parties, planning things, and dreaming up fun ideas. So if I had to put a focus on my blog that would be it! For now- you just get AG’s random thoughts and boy are you lucky for those suckers.

So to kick things back off, here’s a little glimpse [via my instagram pics] of what’s been happening in my life.

1. Sweet Roommates spending quality time at Target. 2. FRIENDSGIVING! Celebrating Thanksgiving with some of our friends on our back porch. 3. Mom & Sis were in town for the BC Game- Corey Smith was at DTGD! 4. JT has been coaching the RAA Rams Soccer Team- We have been super committed fans! 5. Cheesin it up on a spontaneous Saturday road trip. 6. MONK’s. YUM! 7. Team Lincoln// I love these folks!! 8. Mom & I hanging in St. Pete [Dali Museum!!] 9. Roommates ❤ the Noles! 10. Cheering on The Brotel 6 in their flag football game. 11. Praise The Lord for Krispy Kreme. [and the HOT NOW light on] 12. Besties. 13. A FABULOUS weekend in Nashville! 14. We ❤ TOMS. 15. McKayla is NOT IMPRESSED. Such a great Halloween Costume. 16. Buying our Xmas Tree [more on that soon.] 17. Mel = Gnome. I loved her costume! 18. JT rocking the orchestra. 

Next Up// Christmas & House Decorations! We got really crafty last weekend.



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