I <3 Mondays!

I know, I know. It’s Tuesday.

I wrote this post over the weekend in preparation for Monday and apparently did not schedule it correctly. I thought about waiting till next Monday to post it, but then I decided I didn’t care. I still love Mondays on tuesdays 🙂 So check out all the things I’m loving below… and next week I’ll remember what day it is!

Hunter Boots. Yup, I’m in love with them. I’ve been lusting over these boots for quite some time. The Garnet ones are adorable. and PERFECT for a Nole fan like myself. Luckily I have the best mom ever and she is blessing me with these goodies for Christmas. So now I’ve been dreaming up outfits to go with my new boots. Hopefully the weather will stay cold for more than a day and I can sport them in the new year!

I can also get my boots MONOGRAMMED. That’s right, I’m pretty much obsessed with the idea. Thanks Today Show for putting that little nugget of info in my mind. I’ll probably be sending these to a local monogramming store to get a little AMG action!

I’ve been following these advent devotionals and they are quite lovely. A little change up from my usual favorite- Jesus Calling.

M sister works for Disney. SO cool. She works in events [apparently we know our calling] and in honor of that you should read these: funny memes.  People, y’all have a lot of time on your hands… but it made me laugh, so Thanks!

This article about TV shows is hilarious. I only watch Say Yes to the Dress, but the others made me laugh.

If you want to support the cutest little kid south of the Mason Dixon line then check out Mo’s Bows. I obviously do not wear bow ties that often [yes, I have worn them] but this guy is only 10 and he has the most ADORABLE line of ties. I read about him first in the new Southern Weddings Magazine.

LOVE me some Will & Kate. These  photos are so cool! Yay for a new baby prince. Also- Prince Harry probably has the best deal ever. He lives a royal life, but he will never have to be king. Sign me up 😉

Lastly, [but definitely not least] my church had our annual Christmas Service, Christmas on the Moon, sunday night and it was AMAZING. I’ve been rocking out to the songs from the service non stop.

Hope you enjoy some of these things I’m <3ing right now. Happy Monday! err Tuesday!!



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