Fast Cars & Freedom.

So here’s the deal. I, AG, am buying a car. Some of you might be thinking it’s about dang time. If you are then you are probably one of my friends who has tried to ride in my car over the past few years. As of now only the driver and back right side door open from the outside. The trunk does not open with the key, there’s no air conditioning, and it often gets stuck in first gear. A few months ago I tortured my sweet roommate Kels with an 8 hour drive to Nashville with no air conditioning. For the first 5 hours we melted. The last three hours we froze. It was a beautiful bonding experience. Also- my car does not have cruise control. I don’t know who hated me enough to think it was a good idea to buy the ONLY car made this millennium that DOES NOT have cruise control, but the joke is not funny.

That being said, I love my current car. It has brought me to many places in so many states and I am SO LUCKY that I did not have to pay for it. My parents graciously bought it for me as I headed off to college. AND, it was like 1,000 times more technologically advanced then my first car. Insert car # 1: The Plymouth Colt. Never heard of it? No worries- no one has. My sweet granny gave up driving when I turned 16 so I could have a CAR. AHHH. it was a fab deal for me. This sweet ’89 cobalt blue colt had like a 6 gallon gas tank and I filled up every 2.5 weeks. Best ever! The inside was navy blue fabric interior and there was also no air conditioning. It was so cool. Actually HOT. It was really, really, HOT. But I did get this bumpin’ sound system for Christmas from my grandparents so I was riding in style. To give you a picture I found a car that looks similar to mine via google.



Don’t be jealous. It also only had 18,000 miles on it when I got it in 2002. THAT’S RIGHT 13 years old an 18,000 miles. sweet deal. Other unique factors of my sweet ole colt. It was SUPER light. So it could be lifted up by my friends. and it could float on water. Probably in other liquids as well, but I only was ever able to test it in water. Southwest Florida = hurricanes/rain/storms/etc = FLOODING = me driving and then my car floating into the water. There were no cup holders in it so my mom bought me cup holders for my car. Fab gift. Finally, it was smashed by a school bus [I wasn’t inside] It truly was a gem. Therefore, upon my numbered days in high school my parents graciously gifted me a new car to get me to college. Insert car #2: A Hyundai Accent. And it has been my faithful car ever since.

Here’s what I know about cars. People drive them. And my knowledge ends there. I really do not care about cars. I don’t care how much they cost, I don’t name my car, I don’t know anything about its engine or blah blah blah. You get the picture. So buying a new fancy car when I got my first job. NOT a priority. I would rather spend my money on other ridiculous itemsย  more important things in life. [[aka- good food, apple products & other resourceful items]] Well the time has come sweet friends. The accent’s days are numbered. I’ve been researching and researching new cars and prayerfully within the next week I will have a new one. Hallelujah! During my process I have come to learn quite a bit more about cars. I figured I should share ๐Ÿ™‚

1. People pay WAY TOO much money for cars.
2. Apparently most cars nowadays have cruise control so if you’re buying a new[er] car and that’s your ONLY qualification car dealers think you cra-zy.
3. They also now come with cup holders so don’t make a special request for those.
4. I still don’t care about cars.
5. When I start to care about cars for a few minutes I realize the ones I like are too expensive.
6. Hopefully the next time I have to buy a car I’m married so my husband can afford the one I want do the picking for me ๐Ÿ™‚
7. You have to be good at/want to negotiate the price. [That’s why I have a Dad]
8. Some cars are U-G-L-Y.
9. I like moon roofs. [or sunroofs- what the heck is the difference?]
10. If money was no issue and I could pick any car in the world, I would pick one with a driver. Nicer than a taxi, but less pretentious than a stretch limo.

OK enough ramblings about my future fancy cars. Here’s to hoping this post goes viral and Justin Bieber wants to buy me a new car! Or that my sister wins another car. [YUP, another car.]

Kidding, [unless he does want to buy me a car, then I’m not kidding.] here’s to me being SO THANKFUL that I have a job that pays me to do what I love in a town I adore and that I can actually afford a car and do not have to rely on other means of transportation. I really do have a sweet gig and I’m pumped to share my new car with you one day soon. Fingers crossed it comes with a driver ๐Ÿ˜‰



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