Happy New Year!




I just LOVE the New Year. As a habitual goal maker, re-organizer, list lover [you get the idea] I just ADORE the thought of a fresh start! It reenergizes me in all that I do! Some of this newfound energy quickly loses it’s appeal, but usually most of it keeps me kicking till the summertime when things slow down a bit. I’m not much of a specific “Resolutions” gal- mostly because I’m always setting goals for myself, but since I’ve been asking everyone around me what their goals [& hopes] are for the new year it has me thinking as well. In September my 101 in 1001 list ends so I still have some tasks to finish on it… In addition to those lovely goals I’ve set 5 things I want to accomplish below!


1. Blog More. I really do love blogging. So I’m making it a specific goal of mine to do so more often.

2. Budget. I’m all about an organized budget [as an event planner I have to be!] But I want to be VERY INTENTIONAL with where all my pennies are going this year… therefore I’ve made a plan that will require me to really pay attention and be deliberate with my spending.

3. Be Positive! I like to think I’m a pretty positive person 🙂 But, I do have the occasional meltdown less than great day. I do not want to be the negative energy in someone’s day. So I’ll be around sharing smiles with all y’all!

4. Less is More. By itself that phrase is not a goal, I understand, but I feel like it could be my mantra for the next season of life. I HATE clutter. I don’t mind having useful stuff lying around. But I loathe having crap that has no place being in my presence. EEEK. It clutters my brain. So I’m hoping to rid my room/house/office of unnecessary junk and help my brain to be fancy free!

5. Life Planning. I know what I’m passionate about. I also know where I see myself in a few years… Therefore, what am I doing now that will help me accomplish these goals? I’m being vague on this one, I know. BUT- it will slowly be brewing behind the scenes and hopefully one day, maybe even in 2013, I will be able to share exciting things with y’all!



ps. I bought a NEW CAR! [yaaaaay] Thank the Lord I can make it around town without the perpetual fear of losing my door or something …


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