Laughing out Loud.

I have a pretty healthy obsession with laughter. I surround myself with people who make me giggle. It’s truly such a sensational feeling. I adore watching others laugh too. Yesterday I was re-inacting to my momma [over the phone] a series of events from my new years day that had me in tears. We both agreed that I’m quite ridiculous, but nonetheless, enjoyed sharing a good laugh. My mom, sis, and I can spend hours together laughing over a plethora of topics. Time spent together always includes my sis laughing so hard she is silent and then comes bursting forth with her undeniably infectious laughter. I think my sister and I have repeated Dane Cook’s Kool Aid man skit easily a thousand times. It’s an obsession. I cherish the moments spent with my friends where we are cracking ourselves up. The best kind of laughter comes from those moments of truth. When someone helps you perfectly describe the feeling you have towards a person, subject, or place. I truly believe laughter could be some of the BEST medicine. So imagine my delight when I read this great article about Jerry Seinfeld.  He is a funny, funny man. This video made my day, and hopefully yours too!


PS. Dane Cook Kool-Aid Man skit. [FYI// It’s Dance Cook, so the content. Wildly OBSCENE]


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