Sea Salt.

I do not know who first thought to add sea salt to desserts. But they are a freakin genius. Seriously- add it to almost anything and BAM. amazingness. This may or may not be a tainted view due to the fact that I am eating salted caramel brownies for breakfast. Don’t judge me. I like to tell myself that if I eat sweets for breakfast I crave them less throughout the day. I have NO idea if that is true, but makes me feel better about my self. Besides I didn’t have time to eat real breakfast and the brownies were just sitting on my counter looking at me. So what’s a girl to do. RIGHT?

*Salted Caramel Brownies (the easy way) make a box of brownies…go for the ones with extra chocolate chunks or fudge. YUM. Bake as directed on box. Let cool. Cut into squares. Drizzle caramel over them [I use the smuckers ice cream topping kind.] Then sprinkle sea salt on them. HEAVENLY. Feel free to tell people you spent hours in the kitchen creating these masterpieces.

Moving on.

This always happens. I start hating my room. or house. or some sort of space where I spend a lot of time. [[Don’t get me started on the office I’ve had for over a year and have yet to decorate.]] I would definitely say I’m artistic. I think I have a bit of style (undecided if it’s good style) and I think my attention to detail is usually what can pull a project together. Give me a wedding reception and I can make your dreams come true. But my house. Lord almighty. This girl is not an interior designer. So of course, yesterday thoughts of how I could not possible stand the way my room was configured creeped in and would not leave. I obviously could not live another second in this room which was so poorly designed. (This is how it happens for me y’all. I get an idea in my mind and then I want it to happen RIGHT! THEN! I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to Walmart at 2am because I decided I needed to do a project immediately.) So my room- goodness, how was I possible sleeping here for these past 6 months. It was abysmal. [[Dramatic much?]] Usually, I just start rearranging crap. But I wasn’t home when this notion hit so I drew out some ideas. That didn’t help much. I drew a really beautiful room- furnished with items I do not own. Not. Helpful. Anyway- so while getting pedicures KD and I discussed the future state of my darling bedroom. And then I enlisted in her help moving furniture. (With a few stops to pick up AK from the airport, YAY! and to obviously watch SCANDAL- #HolyFitz I love that show) Luckily, I was able to move 4 pieces of furniture and feel good about my life. I’m sure in a few days months I’ll need some new inspiration, but hopefully I can just paint a picture or something and be done. So until the wee hours of the morning I was rearranging and re designing my space. And now it feels homy. And wonderful. Goodness I love when things feel like they are in their place. Makes a girl happy.

So it’s friday, and I’m feeling good cause my house is happy and salted caramel brownies are gracing my stomach. Y’all it’s the good life! Hope your Fridays are lovely too 🙂





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