I <3 Mondays.

Just a few things I’m loving this lovely Monday.

MLK Quote

Young Life. If you aren’t familiar with Young Life know that I LOVE YL. I have a passion for this ministry and love being a part of it. A few weekends ago we took our college friends [current leaders & potential new ones!] to Southwind for a kickoff to the semester! It was a blast.

My new cookbook from The Smitten Kitchen Blog. I received this as a Christmas gift and I am so excited to make something from it!! I think I’ve read all the recipes 2 or 3 times now, so it just comes down to finding an evening to create something delish. I did make this “Tomato Pie” recipe from smitten kitchen the other night. YUM.

This AMAZING series of photographs by Francois Brunelle called  I’m Not a Look-Alike. He captured 200 photos of people who look like identical twins but aren’ even RELATED. Say what??? So cool.

TV shows I’m obsessed with: SCANDAL [if you don’t watch this start RIGHT. NOW.] super obsessed with that one. Also- cannot wait for SMASH to come back on!

Love Does. A book by Bob Goff. It is a LOVELY read. Bob Goff might be the radest person around. [That’s right. RAD-EST]

I want to be drinking my coffee from this cup every morning.

These wedding gowns are GORGEOUS. simply amazing.

I think this would be a SUPER CUTE addition to our house 🙂 Now just to think through what word I’d use….

Also- this song is my JAM. enjoy!

Happy Monday y’all!



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