Will you accept this rose?

Sean Lowe

The Bachelor.

Do y’all watch it? I must say it is quite ridiculous. Seriously, if anyone thinks they are for reals finding love on that show. They crazy. I’ve actually never watched the show. Until now. I decide to make this Bachelor watching an EVENT. If you know me, you’ll know that I like making an affair out of things. I like to plan some events. So we are having an official FANTASY LEAGUE Bachelor event. It makes watching this horrendous show pretty spectacular. So now every week we all get together and watch this show. I’m not going to lie- screaming at the TV definitely occurs. We have team names, we smack talk, and we cheer on the girls on our team like they are our besties. We are quite a scene. And I love it! My team is [was] Diana, Katie, Catherine, Tierra, AshLee & Selma. Feel free to cheer my team on! There’s a chick from my alma mater on this show. I can’t really fathom every knowing one of my good friends being on a show like this. It would definitely be quite an experience!

I’ve seen some of this week’s previews y’all and it looks CRA-ZAY. Apparently Sean is “digging” a lot of the women already. Who would have THUNK it?!?!? oh Lord.

So that’s how it goes- we cheer for these crazy girls. And we go crazy when our team advances! Happy Bachelorin’ Y’all!

My two [personal] favs- AshLee and Catherine 🙂



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