Valentine’s Day.

bacon ecard

Are you a fan of this holiday? I am a fan of the movie with this title. I’m actually a fan of any movie that has multiple story lines going on at once. I feel like it is a movie based on how my mind works in real life.

So yeah, valentines Day Pros: On February 15th there is super cheap candy, People spend outrageous amounts of money on flowers [which supports my family, which makes me happy] It’s nice to feel loved, you can decorate your house with cute things, I like pink, I like flowers, I like thinking of witty valentines day card sayings

Cons: My family works late nights. Shout out to you KG- enjoy those last minute boyfriends/hubbys coming in to buy some flowers!! You cannot go to a restaurant with your friends unless you want to sit REALLY close to a million other people on awkward dates or spend too much money, I don’t like this much pink, conversation hearts taste like chalk mixed with cement and are stamped with ridiculous sayings, I’m sure there are more- but you get the idea.

So, my take on the holiday: I like feeling loved and letting others know they are loved. But, I do not see a reason in going all crazy over the day. Let’s show the love all year round. Maybe a sweet note, or homemade meal- that’s all I need. Oh, and gummy bears. Duh- I can ALWAYS enjoy some gummy bears. I don’t like chocolate [WHAT??] I know. eh. Not a fan. And I also think whoever created those disgusting conversation hearts should have to pay me for all those years people gave them to me thinking I should eat them. I can for sure use them as chalk on my board, but that’s about it. Seriously. ew. They are on the same level of disgustingness as circus peanuts. Again- WHO SELLS THESE GROSS CANDIES?!?!! Actually, I’m sorry. Whoever invented these things are GENIUSES. I don’t know how you convinced people to eat these nasty concoctions. But now you’re probably making millions off of us. I’m going to start thinking through a really gross candy that can become a staple for St. Patrick’s Day or something. Ya know? Maybe like corned beef hash chocolate coins or something?? Step aside regular chocolate coins. I’m coming for ya. Let’s just agree that corned beef coins and the new St. Patty’s Day candies. Thanks.  Maybe, President’s Day- Candy Constitutions, that taste like actual paper! Feel free to place your order now.

OK- enough about candy that shouldn’t be sold. Just kidding- one more thing. So you think someone is actually still producing circus peanuts?? They are in all the gas stations, but I don’t know anyone who buys them?? So maybe someone just made a whole heck of a lot of them many many years ago and since they obviously taste the same today as they did when they were first created they are just hoping that one day enough of them sell to break even. Maybe we should all buy some circus peanuts and give them to our friends this valentines day?? Just to help a brother out, you know what I mean?

Really, I’m going to let this candy thing go now… Flowers. I love me some peonies if you’re wondering. They aren’t really in season right now so don’t worry about it. Also- peonies seem to be like the cool new flower to love! Y’all they’ve been here for a while [ever]. But I think pinterest is giving them some new life. Also, I like my flowers in the form of cash. I mean maybe send a picture of the flowers you could have purchased me, along with the cash so I could buy some coffee or something. Even better, flowers in the form of Starbucks gift cards. Seriously y’all I’ve got a good thing going here. Ok, ok- enough about cheesy Valentines Day gifts. Really the thought of V-Day coming meant I could design some fun new FB cover photos and iPhone/iPad background pics.I tried to add a new downloads page [still working on the logistics of it… but a few are posted!] I’ll try to make it more user friendly real soon y’all!


Iphone4 Vday

[photo source]


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